2022 Summer Institute in Adolescent Health

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Promoting & Protecting Adolescent Mental Health

Join us for the 2022 Virtual Adolescent Health Summer Institute!

Sound mental health provides an essential foundation that supports all other aspects of adolescent health and development -- from the formation of friendships and the ability to cope with adversity, to success in school, work, and community life. For many adolescents, disruptions and consequences related to the COVID-19 pandemic -- including school closures, social isolation, family economic hardship, family loss or illness, and reduced access to health care -- have negatively impacted their mental health and well-being. Mental health has long been a major public health challenge, but the pandemic brought mental health issues to the forefront, with more than one third of U.S. high school students experiencing poor mental health during the pandemic.   As we emerge from the pandemic, we have critical opportunities to support adolescents’ mental health, as well as to change aspects of schools, community organizations, healthcare systems and other institutions that shape adolescents’ daily lives, so that all young people can thrive.