Asthma Teaching Tool

The "How Do I Feel" asthma action plan was designed by Jane Hennessey, MS RN CNP. You can download and print off this tool to use with families who have children with asthma. Many of the families we have worked with have put the completed form on the refrigerator so that family members know what signs to look for and when and how to contact their health care provider.

Asthma Video

Breathing a Word: Indian Stories of Asthma (2000)

This educational video was developed in partnership with Indian youth and families at Little Earth of United Tribes, Inc., graduate learners and faculty in the Community University Partnership in Education and Services (CUPES) project, and Allies: Media/Art which is a Dakota-owned media production company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Three teens worked with staff from Allies Media/Art to film what it is like to live with asthma.

The 30-minute video includes three parts that can be shown separately.

  • Part 1 of the video describes lessons learned from the Indian Family Stories Project that led to the development of this video.
  • Part II includes stories about asthma that were filmed by Indian youth and Allies staff.
  • Part III includes demonstrations: "Breathing Easy: Using an Inhaler" and "Breathing Hard: The Peak Flow Meter.

For further information, contact Ann Garwick.

Cultural Awareness Video

Getting to the Heart of it: Bridging Culture and Health Care (2001)

This award winning (18-minute) video, produced by Allies Media/Art, a Dakota owned company, is designed to enhance the cultural competence of health care providers who work with American Indian patients and families. The video features American Indian health care professionals and community representatives who candidly share their experiences bridging culture and health care. The focus is on how health care providers can provide more culturally appropriate care through listening, respecting traditional ways and understanding cultural communication patterns.

For more information, contact Ann Garwick.