Guidance for Applicants for Faculty Positions

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Does the School of Nursing have open faculty positions?

Do you have remote teaching positions?

  • No, posted positions require an on-campus presence
  • In rare circumstances, a remote office location may be arranged to meet the needs of the school.

Do you hire scholars from disciplines other than nursing?

  • Candidates from fields outside of nursing may be eligible for tenure track or tenured positions if they can demonstrate the potential for their research to advance the mission of the School of Nursing and to fund a significant portion of their salary through research grants.
  • Because our programs prepare students for professional nursing degrees, clinical track appointments require a nursing background and current Minnesota nursing licensure.

What are the license and certification requirements for faculty who are nurses?

  • School of Nursing faculty who are nurses are required to hold an active Minnesota nursing license. Board certification in an APRN specialty is required for faculty teaching in certain specialty courses.

What are the criteria by rank for faculty positions in the School of Nursing?

What are the opportunities for faculty practice in the School of Nursing?

  • In some cases, faculty may arrange to hold a clinical practice appointment as part of their faculty appointment in the school. These arrangements can be explored as part of the interview process.
  • Faculty who wish to continue a clinical practice outside their SoN appointment may request to do so in accordance with the UMN outside consulting policy

When should I submit my application?

  • Applications for faculty positions are accepted year-round. Applications from candidates identified as meeting current priority needs in the school may be expedited for off-cycle review and consideration. All other applications will generally be reviewed according to the following standard review cycles:

Standard review cycles

Tenure/Tenure Track: Jan. 15 application deadline
Search committee review: 1st week in Feb.
Interviews: Feb. 15 - March 31
Approximate decision date: April 15
Earliest start date: Fall

Clinical Track: Feb. 15 application deadline
Search committee review: 1st week in March
Interviews: March 15 - April 30
Approximate decision date: May 15
Earliest start date: Fall

Tenure/Tenure Track: Aug. 15 application deadline
Search committee review: 1st week in Sept.
Interviews: Sept. 15 - Oct. 31
Approximate decision date: Nov. 15
Earliest start date: Spring or Fall

Clinical Track: Sept. 15 application deadline
Search committee review: 1st week in Oct.
Interviews: Oct. 15 - Nov. 30
Approximate decision date: Dec. 15
Earliest start date: Spring or Fall

What materials are reviewed?

  • An academic Curriculum Vita (CV) and cover letter are required. Other materials may be submitted for consideration if desired.

What should I include in my cover letter?

  • There are no specific requirements for the cover letter; however, including the following information helps the review committee:
    • Professional background
    • Reason for applying to the UMN School of Nursing
    • A vision for a tri-mission faculty role at the UMN School of Nursing (i.e. a role that includes teaching, scholarship, and service to the profession)
    • Examples of a track record that points to your potential for success in the position
    • A vision for contributions to the school’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and equity
    • Specific examples of the potential for collaborative scholarship with individuals, centers or programs within the school or broader university community

I applied but was not invited to interview, or I interviewed and was not offered a position. Can you give me feedback on how I can improve my application?

  • Because there are many factors involved in decisions about hiring, the search committee does not provide specific feedback on reasons for not selecting applicants.
  • Common reasons for not selecting an applicant include lack of experience teaching in higher education, credentials that do not match current faculty needs in the the school, or insufficient evidence for an established program of independent research (for tenure track faculty).

What happens in the interview stage?

  • Interviews are typically conducted in-person over one to two days. Virtual interviews may be considered for applicants from outside the Twin Cities metro area who are unable to travel.
  • Applicants will have a series of meetings with members of the faculty and school leaders, and a tour of the school and facilities.
  • Meetings with potential collaborators within the broader university may be requested and will be arranged as feasible
  • All applicants are asked to provide a 30-40 minute job talk about their research/scholarship and vision for contributions to the teaching and service missions of the school.

Is it possible to be hired with tenure at appointment?

How do I know if a faculty position is the right role for me? Should I apply?

  • If you aren’t sure whether the faculty role is the right career choice for you, you are encouraged to work with a mentor, career coach, or adviser to explore the role and how it aligns with your career goals. Consider meeting with a current faculty member to discuss the role and career trajectories.