Office of Student & Career Advancement Services

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Recruitment, Admissions, and Enrollment

We provide guidance, support and direction to future nursing students as they pursue or advance their nursing career. Our Recruitment and Admissions Coordinators are on the front lines to answer questions and provide information for any of our degree or certificate programs. The University of Minnesota School of Nursing is committed to providing our learners with a safe, respectful and supportive learning environment. Learn more about our Promoting Safe Learning Environments policy.

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Academic and Procedural Advising

Our professional academic advisors provide students with the necessary and important tools and skills to navigate their collegiate career successfully. Regardless of degree program or certificate, our students received a personalized support regarding course selection, academic policies and procedures, degree planning and graduation. Our staff is very knowledgeable with the University's policies, procedures and resources so students can find confidence that they will help point them in the right direction should a question, issue or challenge arises.

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Student Organizations and Leadership

The School of Nursing encourages students to define their leadership skills, foster student engagement and provide opportunities for all students to connect through interest topics. These student organizations are registered through the University of Minnesota's Student Union and Activities office and provide students ways to connect outside the classroom.

Degree Verification Requests

We can provide graduating students and alumni with verification of their degree if they received a degree through the School of Nursing. To do so, we will need to receive the verification form with the graduate’s information completed and a release of information authorization. If you have questions about this process, please email

We will process your verification within ten business days of receipt and forward it on to the Minnesota Board of Nursing, another state's Board of Nursing or a potential/current employer.

Due to the remote working environment, we request that employers email all verification forms to If that is not possible, please email us and we will work with you on getting those documents.

Career Coaching and Services

We offer a variety of career services to our students as they seek internships, first jobs or promotions. From resume and cover letter reviews to the job search process and mock interviews, students receive feedback or guidance to set them on the right foot when pursuing or continuing their nursing career.

Please feel free to schedule a career coaching appointment with OSCAS. As you prepare for your appointment, please review these career resources.

Meet Our Staff


Alicia George

Associate Director of OSCAS/Graduate Program Coordinator
Office Phone: 612-624-3108
Martha Scott Johnson

Martha Scott Johnson

Assistant Director of OSCAS/Undergraduate Programs Coordinator
Office Phone: 612-625-1489
Kathryn Schwartz Eckhardt

Kathryn Schwartz Eckhardt

Office Phone: 612-625-5001
Abdoulaye Camara

Abdoulaye Camara

DNP Recruitment & Enrollment Coordinator
Office Phone: 612-625-0301
Sarah Holtey

Sarah Holtey

OSCAS Office Manager
Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard

Master of Nursing Coordinator
Office Phone: 612-624-1108
Ifeyinwa Ikegwuani

Ifeyinwa Ikegwuani

PhD & Certificate Program Coordinator
Office Phone: 612-625-0163
Courtney Knutson

Courtney Knutson

Senior Academic Advisor
Office Phone: 507-258-8080

Brittni Kuduk

Academic Advisor
Office Phone: 612-626-3687

Maigos Nguyen

Academic Advisor
Office Phone: 612-624-1906
Jillian Rowan

Jillian Rowan

American Indian/Alaska Native Pathways Recruiter and Advisor
Office Phone: 612-625-5586