2013 Nursing Knowledge: Pre-conference Materials

Prior to attending the conference, please take the time to review the abbreviated resources to familiarize yourself with the topics we will cover. Each topic includes a brief presentation and then a document that describes issues and includes related links to resources. The additional links are for those of you who want additional information.

During the conference, additional resources will be provided. You will have access to these via the internet as you get involved in helping to conceptualize an action plan to realize the vision and value of how nursing data can be used for big data research to transform healthcare.

Vision and Value of Informatics to transform the health system

  1. Transformed (transforming) Health Care System
  2. Vision of how Informatics Enables a Transformed Health System
  3. Nursing and the Value Proposition, How Information Can Help Transform the Healthcare System

Informatics Enablers and Resources

  1. Informatics Enablers and Resources: The Regulation and Standards Landscape
  2. Nursing Knowledge Model

Actionable Informatics Gaps/ Barriers/ Challenges

  1. Actionable Barriers and Gaps
  2. ANA NIDSEC Criteria
    (Reproduced with permission of American Nurses Association)
  3. Political Dreams, Practical Boundaries: The Case of the Nursing Minimum Data Set, 1983–1990
    (Reproduced with permission of American Association of History of Nursing)