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Want to share your love of nursing with current or recently graduated students? Or, are you an alum interested in exploring different specialties in nursing? Mentors help new nurses navigate their careers by guiding, advising, listening, validating, and networking.

Mentor Program Overview

There are 2 mentoring programs at the School of Nursing: An annual evening event at both Twin Cities and Rochester campuses (Speed Mentoring) and an 11 month commitment mentoring program.  Our program is currently virtual only.  We will gradually move to in person events as well as virtual hybrid as is allowed by state guidelines.

Speed Mentoring
A group of students meeting with mentors at a Speed Mentoring event

Speed Mentoring

Currently Virtual

Speed Mentoring connects alumni of the School of Nursing with current students for an evening of interaction and learning about the many paths a nursing career can take you.

Nurse mentors with similar professional experience are paired and talk with a few students at a time for about 12 minutes. A bell will ring and the students will move to the next table of mentors to learn/ask questions about another field of nursing. It’s simple and fun! Come prepared to talk about your career, area of practice and to answer questions from the students. No need for power point presentations or fancy speeches. At the end of the evening, students will have an opportunity to follow up with mentors of their choice for e-mail conversations, career advice or perhaps even shadowing experiences.

Student/New Graduate Mentoring

Student/New Graduate Mentoring

Currently Virtual

This event is for senior BSN students, MN1 students, and alumni interested in a potential change in their nursing career. Mentors will provide specific information on specialized bedside units, experienced roles outside of bedside care such as management, administration, academic, informatics, and advanced degrees such as CRNA, NP, and Midwifery. This event will be structured to have more one on one pre-scheduled conversations with breakout sessions that last 15-20 minutes. There will also be meeting rooms that answer questions related to NCLEX, job search, first nursing job training programs, and other areas of interest as indicated by mentees. Attendees will be able to go in and out of meeting rooms and direct their evening.



Calling All Volunteers

Be a mentor to pre-licensure students at the following virtual speed mentoring events:

The format of these events will be similar to speed mentoring consisting of 5-10 minute sessions with multiple alumni.

Mentorship Interest Form Mentee Interest Form