2015 Nursing Knowlege: Big Data Science Conference

Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Conference attendees

June 3-5, 2015

Plan to be part of the third annual national conference to advance an action plan to create sharable, comparable nursing data that is integrated into the electronic health record. Learn about and get involved with national initiatives, including streamlining documentation and integration of evidence-based practice in electronic health records, integration of standardized nursing data in EHRs, health policy initiatives, and cutting edge research methods to transform health and health care.

Demonstrating the Value of Sharable and Comparable Nurse-generated Data

The overall purpose of the pre-conference is to demonstrate the value of sharable and comparable nursing-generated data to support practice and translational research for transforming health care and improving patient quality and safety. National leaders will demonstrate real world examples to achieve value and discussion about implementing similar strategies in other settings.