Leadership Model

Leadership Model

The Densford Center is governed by a directorate comprised of five leaders in nursing research, scholarship, regulation, and community and international engagement. (The Dean of the School of Nursing is an ex-officio member.) This governance model enhances innovative nursing leadership through collaboration, ideation and implementation utilizing and synergizing the unique knowledge, skills, and experiences of each member of the directorate.

The directorate has adapted Marshall Ganz’s snowflake model to enable others to advance nursing’s leadership and impact on individual, population, global, and planetary health.

Snowflake Model

Dr. Marshall Ganz, professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School is a world-renowned expert in community organizing and movement building. The snowflake model demonstrates the relationship between the members of a leadership team and the teams that actualize the vision. It is noteworthy that everyone is equally important and valued, and they each have different roles to live. The Ganz model guides structure of the Densford Center.

Densford Snowflake

(Adapted from Marshall Ganz’s snowflake model, Harvard Kennedy School)