2023 Summer Institute in Adolescent Health

A New Way Forward: Transforming Adolescent Sexual Health

Join us for the in-person 2023 Adolescent Health Summer Institute!

The field of adolescent sexual health is at a pivotal moment in history. Young people are dealing with the fallout of a global pandemic, changing political landscapes and evolving access (or lack of access) to reproductive and sexual health care. The current climate provides opportunities to advocate for change, while also acknowledging the challenges adolescents face. We know that young people’s multifaceted identities shape how they experience health. It’s imperative that we examine our field through an intersectional lens in order to empower adolescents to navigate their sexual health.

At the 2023 Summer Institute in Adolescent Health, we invite you to challenge what you know and disrupt the status quo. Examine current and historical trends in adolescent sexual health and explore ever-changing laws and policies regarding access to abortion and contraception. Apply an intersectionality framework to sexual health education, health disparities research, and the impact of mainstream pornography. Hear directly from young people who are organizing for reproductive justice and building youth power in Minnesota. Connect with other caring adults who are passionate about supporting adolescents in this critical time. 

Guest Speakers:
Jill Farris, MPH (she/her), is the Director of Adolescent Sexual Health Training and Education at the Healthy Youth Development - Prevention Research Center. She is a certified evidence-based intervention trainer and leads the creation and dissemination of the annual Adolescent Sexual Health Report.
Justine Ang Fonte, M.Ed, MPH (she/they) is the child of Philippine immigrants and an award-winning health educator, speaker, and consultant. She was featured as one of 13 sex educators who teach people what they really need to know when it comes to sex on a Buzzfeed list. 
More speakers and daily objectives coming soon!