Travel Grants

The travel awards reflect STTI Zeta chapter’s commitment to supporting members who seek to generate new evidence-based knowledge through continuing professional development opportunities that meet the mission of the organization.

Application and review process

Applicants complete the required materials and submit them as described below.

  • The Zeta board will review complete applications only. The board will determine whether the application meets accepted standards of travel grants for continuing professional development.
  • The Zeta board will make the final decision whether to fund the travel and determine the award amount.
  • The Zeta board will notify the applicant of its decision.
  • Award amounts range up to $2000.
  • The treasurer will reimburse the funds according to the policy.

Link to application forms

Travel Grant Application Form and Instructions

Requirements for travel grants that have received Zeta funding

The Recipient is required to submit a final summary of the conference to the Zeta Board of Directors (BoD). The recipient will confer with the Zeta BoD of how they may disseminate leadership development ideas from the continuing professional development experience to Zeta chapter.

Travel Grant Application Instructions

Print the requirements on this web site. Fill out and print the above Travel Grant Application form.

Complete all sections of the Travel Grant Application, Budget, Biosketch form and all information regarding your proposal for traveling to a continuing professional development activity.

Email these completed documents to the Zeta Chapter email address:

If you should have any questions about these materials, do not hesitate to send a note to the Zeta Chapter email address:

We look forward to your submission.
Zeta Board