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Education Workgroup 2015-2016

(2014 title: Project 1: Education/Certification/Accreditation and Project 6: Develop standard curriculum for nursing informatics faculty/students)


Develop a crosswalk between the AACN Essentials for Information Management and the Application of Patient Care Technology, QSEN KSA’s for Nursing Informatics and the TIGER competencies for clinical nurses and nursing students. Investigate the development of a course curriculum that incorporates the AACN Essentials, QSEN KSA’s and TIGER competencies for informatics. And, add actual content in nursing curriculum related to HL7 & standards, linking nursing process with the data, measurements and standards so research and quality improvement can reliably occur.

Clinical Data Sets and Analytics Workgroup 2015-2016

(2014 title: Project 2: Nursing and the Science of Big Data)


The overall purpose of this project is to demonstrate the value of sharable and comparable nursing-generated data to support practice and translational research for transforming health care and improving patient quality and safety.

Engage and Equip all Nurses in Health IT Policy 2015-2016

(2014 title: Project 4: Promote Standardization and Engage in Health IT Policy)


To better engage all nurses in health IT policy efforts; To provide nurses with the education, tools and resources to equip them as knowledgeable advocates for policy efforts that are important to nursing.

Standard Data Organizations & Core Documentation Workgroup 2015-2016

(2014 title: Project 5: Promote Harmonization and Standardization of Nursing Data and Models)


Coordinate and facilitate efforts related to standardization of data and data models of interest to nursing.

  • Goal: Determine the nurse sensitive data items needed for interoperability
  • Goal: Align efforts of the multiple efforts of nursing involvement in the many areas working on “care coordination” to coordinate and strengthen the voice of nursing in standards development.

Nursing Value Workgroup 2015-2016

(2014 title: Project 7: Measure the Value of Nursing)


Develop a national consensus model to measure patient level nursing intensity and costs per patient in multiple care settings to support the continuum of care and to produce objective measures of nursing value.

Encoding Nursing Assessments Using LOINC and SNOMED CT Workgroup 2015-2016

(2014 title: Group 8: Develop and Disseminate Structured Standardized Nursing Assessments)


Develop and Disseminate Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC®) and Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT®) for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Nursing Assessments and incorporate them into a framework and repository for dissemination.

Transform Documentation and Context of Care Workgroup 2015-2016

(2014 title: Project 10: Transforming Nursing Documentation)


“Care that is important is often not delivered; care that is delivered is often not important.”

The current state of EHRs does not support the delivery of highly reliable, evidence based care. To ensure quality, safety and value in healthcare, clinical decisions need to be supported by accurate, timely and up to date clinical information.

Although the transition to EHRs was intended to promote ubiquitous access to patient information for all clinicians, the design has increased the documentation burden for nurses and decreased the ability to see the big picture of the patient’s story, problems and goals. This workgroup supports the recommendations from the IOM Report: Best Care at Lower Cost- The Path to Continuous Learning Healthcare in America to “accelerate the integration of best clinical knowledge into care decisions”. Themes focused on decreasing the documentation burden and serving up the information already in the EHR at the right time in the workflow to support evidence based and personalized care.

Connecting Emerging and Expert Nurse Informatics Leaders Workgroup 2015-2016

(New Workgroup)


The purpose of this project is to provide a platform for emerging and expert informatics nurses to connect and discuss opportunities to enhance nursing knowledge.

Context of Care Workgroup 2015-2016

(New Workgroup)


To develop a NMMDS dissemination plan working group, and to design a comparative study to compare the NMMDS and to the Minimum Data Sets used by the National Forum of State Workforce Centers.

Nursing Practice Informatics Issues Related to “Care Coordination” Workgroup 2015-2016

(New Workgroup)


To identify nursing implications related to “big data” associated with “care coordination”.

Social Behavioral Determinants of Health (SBDOH) Workgroup

(New workgroup)


Develop a toolkit of resources to support the inclusion of Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health (SBDOH) into electronic health records, including expected requirements for the CMS Meaningful Use Programs

Mobile Health Data Workgroup 2015-2016

(New Workgroup)


The purpose of this workgroup is to explore the use of mobile health data by nurses including both nursing generated data and patient generated data. This workgroup will also identify and support activities and resources to address unmet needs and create opportunities to utilize mHealth data within nursing workflows.