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Clinical Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 6126241115
Office Phone: 6126245933
Research Interests: Increasing women’s confidence for physiologic labor and birth; vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC); exercise in pregnancy; exercise and gestational diabetes; breastfeeding; outcomes of nurse-midwifery care; technology enhanced learning, interprofessional education and practice.
Clinical Professor<br>Family Nurse Practitioner Program Coordinator
Office Phone: 6126265236
Research Interests: <br><br>
Associate Professor
Office Phone: 6126251497
Research Interests: Research interests includes: Symptom science including measurement, management and interventions in movement disorders. Development of clinical decision tools that are patient centered and allow discrimination between overlapping pain syndrome in neurological disabilities is of particular interest to her. Dr. Bhimani is interested in improving patients/providers communication pattern in clinical practice to improve patient outcomes. Her research focus embraces addressing quality of life issues for disabled population, particularly in the area of neurological disabilities. Dr. Bhimani studies designs uses mixed methods.
Department Chair<br>Director of Graduate Studies<br>Research Professor
Office Phone: 6126241425
Research Interests: Research areas include assessment, prevention, and promotion of symptom and self-management of chronic conditions in adults and older adults; health disparities; health literacy; and use of mobile and web-based health interventions/apps and technology for promoting health self-management. Developing mobile app/web-based interventions, tools and health technologies are among her interests. Dr. Bliss has expertise with multiple designs including clinical trials, analyzing large/secondary datasets, developing and testing tools, survey research. She has led clinical research in community, long-term care, and hospital settings. Dr. Bliss' research has been supported by NIH, foundation, and corporate funding for more than 20 years.
Clinical Associate Professor
Office Phone: 6126250444
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Clinical Professor<br>Distinguished University Teaching Professor
Office Phone: 6126251601
Research Interests: Research interests include neurobiological, cognitive, social, and emotional effects of early childhood deprivation (hospitalization or orphanage care).
Associate Professor<br>Core Faculty
Office Phone: 6126245113
Clinical Associate Professor<br>Co-Director, BSN Program
Office Phone: 6126254683
Professor and Dean<br>Core Faculty
Office Phone: 6126263039
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Clinical Professor<br>Specialty Coordinator, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care and Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs , Co-Director of Interprofessional Education.
Office Phone: 6126260470
Professor<br>Affiliate Professor, Division of Epidemiology, School of Public Health<br>Cora Medil Siehl Endowed Chair in Nursing<br>PI and Director of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute's (CTSI's) TL1 Program<br>Director, Center for Child and Family Health Promotion Research
Office Phone: 6126244823
Clinical Associate Professor and Assistant Director of Inclusivity, Diversity, & Equity Committee
Office Phone: 5072588041
Research Interests: My funded projects and publications are focused around disparities in health related to liver cancer, viral hepatitis, and developing interventions to deliver culturally and linguistically tailored care to immigrant communities a s well as coordination national and international studies on the early detection and prevention of liver and bile duct cancers. Additionally, my community health funded projects aim to promote the educational attainment of minority students as well as implementing coalition building interventions to increase community capacity.
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Clinical Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 6126242404
Associate Professor<br>Adult/Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist Program Director
Office Phone: 6126268901
Research Interests: Research Summary/Interests: Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to explore neuron connectivity in stroke survivors undergoing problem solving therapy vs. stroke education to reduce depressive symptoms; Non-pharmacological therapies for prevention and treatment of depressive symptoms in stroke survivors<br><br>
Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 6126250606
Research Interests: Research Summary/Interests: The longitudinal health of refugees post-resttlement; intergenerational effects of trauma and torture; designing interventions to support individuals through their transitional migratory status.<br><br>
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Associate Professor
Office Phone: 6126242972
Research Interests: <b>Research Summary/Interests</b><br>Children and adolescents with cancer: Symptom management, fatigue and related symptoms, physical performance, growth and development
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Associate Professor
Office Phone: 6126241947
Research Interests: Research Summary/Interests: Community-engaged, health promotion research with children, youth and families; Social ecological influences on adolescent health behaviors and nutrition; Public health nursing
Office Phone: 6126263781
Research Interests: Research Summary/Interests: Specialty areas are older women's mental health; mental health/illness in long-term care; nursing interventions for late-life depression (Recent grants and selected publications are listed below).<br><br>
Clinical Associate Professor
Office Phone: 6126254593
Office Phone: 6126253977
Research Interests: <br><br>
Office Phone: 6126242489
Research Interests: <br><br>
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Research Interests: Research Summary/Interests: Social capital and family health; Quality of life among children with neurodevelopmental conditions; Children and youth with special health care needs
Associate Professor
Office Phone: 6126240435