Opportunities for Students

Each year, global experiences emphasizing cultural appreciation and exploration of other health systems are offered to students to enrich their nursing educational journey. 

Outline of the country of Ireland

Global Health Experience in Ireland

For current upper-level BSN and Master of Nursing students
Students will explore the history of Irish nursing and health care and learn how Irish nurses are leading the way in transforming their health care system in clinical and community health settings.

Outline of the country of Cuba

Global Health Experience in Cuba

For current Master of Nursing, DNP, or Ph.D. students
Students will observe all three levels of the highly effective Cuban health care system including neighborhood primary care clinics, local multi-specialty clinics, and acute care hospitals.

Outline of the country of Guatemala

Global Health Experience in Guatemala

For current DNP students
Students will gain an understanding of the socio-cultural factors affecting the health and well-being of Guatemalans through collaborative activities with local communities in urban and rural village locations in and around the historic city of Antigua.


Outline of the country of Iceland

Global Health Experience in Iceland

For current Master of Nursing, DNP, and Ph.D. students
This course will focus on international nursing leadership and employee management grounded in population health. Students will observe different models of health care delivery in Reykjavik and explore the impact of a single payer system.