100 Distinguished Nursing Alumni (A-E)

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Clara Adams-Ender

Clara L. Adams-Ender


Recognized for being the first nurse Brigadier General of the United States Army, for providing quality nursing services around the world as chief nurse executive for the Army Nurse Corps and for addressing the periodic nursing shortages by establishing a nursing degree completion program for enlisted soldiers in the Army.

Larry Asplin

Larry L. Asplin

1997, 2000

Recognized for his role in assuring the safe care provided to surgical patients as an elected Board member of the Competency & Credentialing Institute, Inc. (CCI) and for his influence on multiple aspects of certification of Preoperative RNs throughout the United States and internationally.

Myrtle Kitchell-Aydelotte

Myrtle Kitchell Aydelotte


Recognized for her work as a consultant for the Veterans Administration Nursing Service, for outstanding leadership as an Administrator devoted to improving Nursing Education, and for courageous service as an Army Nurse Corps Captain during WWII. She is a widely known authority in the field of Nursing Research, and was a highly respected Executive Director of the American Nursing Association.

Jolene Baker

Jolene Baker


Recognized for her mission work as a dedicated educator for HIV/AIDS prevention seminars and editor of the first HIV/AIDS counselor training manual in Ethiopia. Her work helped address the taboos of sexual education in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner.

Recognized for her mission work as a dedicated educator for HIV/AIDS prevention seminars and editor of the first HIV/AIDS counselor training manual in Ethiopia. Her work helped address the taboos of sexual education in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner.

Barbara Balik

Barbara Balik


Recognized for her innovative leadership as a nurse executive, chief executive officer, and work with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the National Patient Safety Foundation. She has enhanced quality of care, patient safety and effective implementation of electronic health record systems.   

Jeannine Bayard

Jeannine Bayard

1971, 1977

Recognized for her vision as the co-founder of Evercare - one of the nation’s largest programs for patients with long-term or advanced illnesses and a model for transforming care for the elderly across the US.

Phoebe Becktell

Phoebe J. Stevenson Becktell


Recognized for establishing one of the first medical intensive care units in the US, for her service in India as a Fulbright lecturer, for influencing nursing education and comprehensive nursing care in developing countries, and for addressing the unmet health needs of children at risk and their families.

Carol Berg

Carol Berg


Recognized for advancing nursing education and primary health care in Madagascar – a program that has grown substantially since 1988. Her volunteer service and leadership at Global Health Ministries supports the health care work in more than 20 countries around the world.

John Borg

John H. Borg

1974, 1976

Recognized for his community focused care models, John developed Our Health in Winchester, VA which brought hospital health and social services together in one setting. He also was the guiding force behind the Migrant Worker’s Clinic and a Diabetic Program for new type II diabetic patients in the Virginia area.

Mary Broderick

Mary E. Broderick

1962, 1965

Recognized for her work in building and transforming education, providing health career access to those who were historically excluded, and creating care ladders at the College of St. Catherine’s School of Health. She also expanded partnerships and care models with Catholic Senior Services, Catholic Elder Care and many other agencies.

Cindy Bultena

Cindy L. Bultena


Recognized for her compassionate service and leadership in helping create a holistic care model and healing environment at Woodwinds Health Campus whose vision is “to be the innovative, unique and preferred resource for health by fundamentally creating the healthcare experience in a way that has not been done before.”

JoAnn Butrin

JoAnn Butrin


Recognized for her work in trans-cultural nursing in developing countries on issues of hygiene, nutrition and HIV/AIDS awareness and intervention materials. She is an expert at providing information and practical teaching strategies that help people make informed decisions about their health.

Miriam Cameron

Miriam Cameron

1966, 1986, 1991

Recognized for her research, publications, teaching, and service carrying out the essence of nursing, integrating Eastern and Western wisdom, contributing to the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing, and transforming people’s lives and health care in the U.S. and India.

Brenda Canedy

Brenda Haram Canedy


Recognized for her expertise and leadership in mental health nursing, health care management, her regression therapy practice, and her passion for nursing history that resulted in the publication “Remembering Things Past: A Heritage of Excellence” – a book honoring the diamond jubilee of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing.

MaryLou Christianson

Mary Lou Christensen

1960, 1976

Recognized for her work achieving standards for school nurses through certification and licensure, for introducing the pediatric nurse practitioner role into a local pediatric outpatient clinic, and for her volunteer and philanthropic leadership, including the presidencies of Zeta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the School of Nursing and School of Public Health Alumni Society boards and the School of Nursing Foundation.

Virginia Clifford

Virginia Beatty Clifford


Recognized for her contributions to the movement to provide hospice care to terminally ill patients and their families in northwest Ohio, and addressing a need in health care that had been ignored by creating a support system around the needs of dying patients.

Kathryn Crisler

Kathryn Crisler


Recognized for her work as a part of a multidisciplinary health services research team focusing on home health care patient outcomes and as a co-investigator and principal investigator in the national implementation of Outcome-Based Quality Improvement (OBQI). She incorporated the nursing perspective into research design and analysis of results, directly impacting individuals receiving home health care and those providing care.

Sheila Corcoran-Perry

Sheila Corcoran-Perry


Recognized for her pioneering research on nursing clinical decision making and interdisciplinary work on family caregivers as well as her work on a graduate level curriculum. She co-authored “The Focus of the Discipline of Nursing,” which has become a classic and was the first nursing faculty member to serve on the health informatics faculty.

Sharon Cross

Sharon Cross


Recognized for her work with Dr. Barton Schmidt of the National Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, for developing the public health nursing role for one of the nation’s first Crisis Nurseries, and for developing new clinical settings and curriculum for nursing students that emphasized population-focused public health nursing practice.

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