Resources for Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes

Resources for Creating Exemplary Clinical Experiences for Students in Nursing Homes

Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes Web Based Resource

Interactive web-based resource designed for nursing faculty to create innovative effective clinical experiences for students in nursing homes. Clinical Teaching In Nursing Homes (PDF).

Culturally Responsive Nursing Care for American Indian Elders

This interactive resource provides learners with culturally relevant knowledge and examples in American Indian elder culture and introduces strategies to appropriately address cross-cultural issues in clinical settings. The course is designed for learners to develop competencies in providing more effective, culturally responsive care to American Indian elder patients.

Quick and Easy: Tips for Clinical Teaching in Nursing Homes

Ready to use learning activities for students when they are in the nursing home setting.

Student Assessment About Older Adults (PDF)

Assess and track students' knowledge and attitudes about older adults as well as their confidence in working with older adults. Student Survey