Evidence-based Practice Grants

Purpose of the Zeta Evidence-based Practice (EBP) project grants

The EBP project awards reflect STTI Zeta chapter’s commitment to supporting members who seek to put evidence-based knowledge into practice. These grants are intended to cover project related costs of prospective work; investigators cannot be paid directly for project activities. EBP project investigators may include nurse researchers, nurses in clinical practice, or DNP students working on projects that incorporate implementation of interventions and organizational change for practice.

Application and review process

Applicants complete the required materials and submit them as described below.

  • The Zeta Research Committee and/or U of M Faculty board members who are acquainted with EBP project standards will review complete materials only from applicants. The committee and/or U of M faculty board members will determine whether the materials meet accepted SQUIRE standards of EBP projects (PDF). The committee and/or board members will make its recommendation for funding to the Zeta board.
  • The Zeta board will make the final decision whether to fund the EBP project and determine the award amount.
  • The Zeta board will notify the applicant of its decision.
  • Award amounts range from $500 to $2,500.
  • The treasurer will send the funds to the awardee.

Read the Evidence-Based Practice Projects Grant Instructions (PDF)

Learn more about the Evaluation Rubric (PDF)

Requirements for Evidence-Based Practice projects that have received Zeta funding

The Investigator is required to submit a final report that includes an abstract, budget, and return any unused funds. The investigator will confer with the Zeta board of how they may disseminate results to Zeta chapter.