Visiting Scholars

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The School of Nursing welcomes and values visiting scholars. Prospective visiting scholars should look for a faculty member to sponsor them and submit an application. Primary consideration is given to the fit between the prospective scholar's research, education and/or practice goals and the faculty sponsor. See faculty biographies.

How to Apply

Our Visiting Scholars

Phanida Juntasopeepun
Scholar: Dr. Phanida Juntasopeepun
Year(s): 2023-2024
University: Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Focus: Caring for older adults with noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), health promotion among older adults, cross-culture care, and cancer preventive behaviors
Sponsor(s): Donna Bliss
Phenchan Meekaew
Scholar: Phenchan Meekaew
Year(s): 2023-2023
University: Mahidol University, Thailand
Focus: Nursing Health Informatics with a focus on developing a nurse-led self-care program with mobile health for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and CKD stage 3.
Sponsor(s): Erica Schorr
Aline Cristane Cavicchioli Okido
Scholar: Aline Cristane Cavicchioli Okido
Year(s): 2023-2023
University: Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil
Focus: Children with special health care needs
Sponsor(s): Wendy Looman
Jiwon Kang
Scholar: Dr. Jiwon Kang
Year(s): 2021-2023
University: Korea University College of Nursing
Focus: Information security, informatics competency, effects of nursing education
Sponsor(s): Karen A. Monsen
Alice Nyirazigama
Scholar: Alice Nyirazigama
Year(s): 2018-2019
University: University of Rwanda
Focus: Nursing and one health
Sponsor(s): Carolyn Porta
Bi Lian Chen
Scholar: Bi Lian Chen
Year(s): 2017-2018
University: National Yang-Ming University
Focus: Nursing informatics
Sponsor(s): Chih-Lin Chi
Yeoungsuk Song
Scholar: Dr. Yeoungsuk Song
Year(s): 2017-2018
University: Kyungpook National University
Focus: Cardiovascular nursing
Sponsor(s): Ruth Lindquist
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Scholar: Qiaoqin Wan
Year(s): 2016-2017
University: West China School of Nursing, China
Focus: Geriatric nursing and neurological disorders
Sponsor(s): Fang Yu
Akemi Matsuzawa
Scholar: Akemi Matsuzawa, Ph.D.
Year(s): 2015-2016
University: Ibaraki Christian University, Japan
Focus: Children with special health care needs
Sponsor(s): Wendy Looman and Ann Garwick
Kareema Hussein
Scholar: Kareema Hussein, Ph.D.
Year(s): 2014-2015
University: Kufa University, Iraq
Focus: Simulation training and pediatric blood disorders
Sponsor(s): Casey Hooke and Martha Kubik
Yan Jiang
Scholar: Yan Jiang, Ph.D.
Year(s): 2014-2015
University: West China Hospital, Sichuan University, China
Focus: Chronic illness care
Sponsor(s): Fang Yu
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Scholar: Minli Fu, MSN
Year(s): 2013-2014
University: Changzhou University, China
Focus: Gerontological research
Sponsor(s): Fang Yu
Scholar: Miao-Fen Yen, Ph.D.
Year(s): 2012-2013
University: National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Focus: Chronic illness care
Sponsor(s): Sandra Edwardson
Scholar: Hildur Sigurdardottir, M.S.
Year(s): 2012-2013
University: University of Iceland, Iceland
Focus: Maternal birth experience
Sponsor(s): Melissa Avery
Scholar: Jing-Jy Wang, Ph.D.
Year(s): 2012-2013
University: National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Focus: Gerontological care
Sponsor(s): Merrie Kaas