Marie Manthey Endowed Professorship

Marie Manthey

Endowed Professorship’s Mission

The mission of the Marie Manthey Endowed Professorship is to prepare faculty and students to create, discover, lead and implement innovative solutions to our most complex local, national and global challenges in health care. To change ideas in the system, one must take courageous first steps to boldly take a position, be focused and move ideas forward that foster change.

The holder of the Marie Manthey Professorship will:

  • Model entrepreneurial thinking as a way to advance professional nursing and nursing practices
  • Promote leadership and management skills for faculty and student enrichment
  • Engage faculty and students in development of creative, vibrant ideas with action strategies
  • Support scholarship and innovation for integrated healthcare programs led by nurses

Marie Manthey’s Impact on Nursing

Forty years ago, Marie Manthey introduced the care delivery model of Primary Nursing to the University of Minnesota hospitals. Today she continues to develop strategies and communication forums to discuss the voice of nursing and how to make that voice better heard. Marie believes the foundation of professional practice is rooted in relationships. Her love of nursing dates back to a lengthy childhood hospitalization and the caring she felt from her nurse. This encounter influenced a lifelong commitment to help those who feel vulnerable experience that same caring feeling.

Marie’s journey included roles ranging from staff nurse to Vice President of Patient Services. Her work provided evidence that workplace culture profoundly impacts the lives of both those who receive and provide care, and helped her understand the exquisite privilege of developing a trusting bond with patients and colleagues. Marie’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to develop Creative Healthcare Management, an international consulting group that designs and implements Relationship Based Care models to focus on leadership skills and patient care delivery. Marie envisions innovative leadership as the powerful energy that will lead nursing practice and knowledge development in the 21st Century.

An Invitation to Contribute

Your gift will honor the accomplishments of Marie Manthey and provide the School of Nursing a strong foundation for the next 100 years. Professional nursing will play a dynamic role in the transformation of health care. Help us begin building healthier communities today!