Global Health Overview

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At the School of Nursing, global learning occurs in the classroom, on-line and by travel abroad, as well as through collaboration with visiting scholars from around the world and partner organizations that include academic institutions and government and non-governmental agencies.

Global Health at the School of Nursing

Our faculty and staff are committed to discoveries that optimize the health of children, families, elders and communities everywhere.

Our students, staff, faculty and alumni are contributing to creating a healthy future for the planet through their work locally and around the world. We offer students global perspectives and opportunities and seek to build meaningful and sustainable partnerships. Through our research discoveries, collaborative service and policy development, we are transforming global health one person, family, community, and environment at a time.

Whether partnering to prevent emerging infectious pandemic threats in Africa and Asia or encouraging healthy adolescent-parent communication in refugee families locally in the Twin Cities, the School of Nursing is at the forefront of global health promotion.


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Global Collaborations

The School of Nursing enjoys many collaborative relationships with universities around the world.

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Visiting Scholars

The School of Nursing welcomes prospective visiting scholars whose research, education and/or practice goals are a good match with their faculty sponsor.

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Global Health Faculty Scholars

The Global Health Faculty Scholars Program supports the advancement of global health through meaningful partnerships around the world.

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Opportunities for Students

Each year, global experiences emphasizing cultural appreciation and exploration of other health systems are offered to students to enrich their nursing educational journey.

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Global Health News

SDG Goals

The University of Minnesota ranked No. 2 in the United States for its work related to health and wellbeing by the Times Higher Ed Impact Rankings (THE Impact Rankings), which ranked submissions for 1,591 institutions from 112 countries/regions.

Carolyn Porta and Connie Delaney seated at a table behind the U.S. and China flags

The University of Minnesota School of Nursing and the Peking University Health Science Center in China signed a 10-year agreement for cooperation and exchange to promote wellbeing in China and the United States.

Connie Delaney and Carolyn Porta on Zoom call with two leaders from Hanoi

The University of Minnesota School of Nursing and the Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam signed a 10-year agreement with the goal of establishing reciprocal exchanges and cooperative activities.