2024 Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference

Big Data 2024

We have another exciting agenda for the Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Conference in 2024!  Please check back for updates.

Wednesday’s Pre-Conference:  Coming soon

Thursday’s Keynote:  AI, Your Social Mirror to Your Data

Peter Klein
CEO, Educated Change Ltd

Peter Klein

This talk delves into how AI, by analyzing personal data, offers insightful reflections of our habits, preferences, and behaviors. Discover the profound implications of AI as both a mirror and influencer in our digitally intertwined lives.

Peter Klein is a results-oriented CEO at Educated Change Ltd, employing a unique blend of social networking, people science, collaboration, entrepreneurship, gamification, and AI to drive purpose, influence and build communities. Lecturer at multiple universities specializing in using AI for amplifying purpose and building communities for the people that matter in your life. Peter and Educated Change have a unique personal branding approach that delivers ROI through networking, collaboration, and AI to create significant change in our world. Using his unique expertise in AI and change, people deliver on their promises.

Friday’s Keynote:  

Oriana Beaudet, DNP, RN, PHN
Vice President of Nursing Innovation, ANA Enterprise
Oriana Beaudet

Oriana Beaudet is the Vice President of Nursing Innovation for the American Nurses Association Association Enterprise. The ANA Enterprise includes the American Nurses Association, American Nurses Credentialing Center, and the American Nurses Foundation.  She currently sits on the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy – Expert Advisory Council for Transformation and the Governing Directors Board for the Alliance for Nursing Informatics.

Prior to ANA, Dr. Beaudet ran her own business as a strategic partner for organizations, healthcare executives, and startups.  In a previous position as the Vice President of Transformation for a national healthcare design firm, she focused on strategy and business development for national health systems around operational and business innovations; simulation modeling and technology; design of the built space, and care delivery design.


The 2024 Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Conference will be held at the McNamara Alumni Center on the campus of the University of Minnesota.  Directions and parking information can be found on the McNamara website.