2024 Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference

Big Data 2024


Welcome to the 2024 Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference!

The Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Conference brings together nurse leaders and informaticists from public and private institutions and organizations across the United States and beyond to discuss the improvement of health and healthcare by using nursing knowledge empowered by informatics. This year, the conference will explore artificial intelligence, nursing innovations, and the social/ethical implications of using technologies for nursing care.

Along with the year-round efforts of the NKBDS Initiative’s workgroups, the conference’s mission is to generate and enable nursing insights and evidence to support individuals, families, communities, and populations in the promotion of health and the delivery of health care and to leverage informatics and data to redefine and magnify the value of nursing in all settings. Make your plans to join us June 5-7.

We invite you to also join the Planting Seeds of Innovation Colloquium, June 4, 2024.  

Location:  McNamara Alumni Center on the campus of the University of Minnesota.  Directions and parking information can be found on the McNamara website.

Thursday’s Keynote:  AI, Your Social Mirror to Your Data, Your Digital Twin is in the Data

Peter Klein
Chairman at Educated Change
University of Minnesota School of Nursing Dean’s Board of Visitors
University of Minnesota School of Nursing Initiative Ethical Use of AI in Nursing Steering Committee

Artificial Intelligence (AI) acts as a social mirror to humanity, reflecting our collective thoughts, behaviors, and tendencies. This presentation delves into this fascinating intersection of AI and human behavior. This exploration is particularly pertinent to nursing informatics, where understanding human behavior and predicting outcomes through digital interaction is paramount.

The core of the discussion hinges on how AI, especially through Large Language Models (LLMs), mirrors humanity. The extensive use of social media and digital interactions in training these AI systems has created a feedback loop where AI learns from human inputs and reflects our collective psyche back to us. This reflection is not just a mere echo but an analytical mirror that offers insights into our behaviors, preferences, and even future actions. How can we use these insights to create a better world? The presentation will introduce free, innovative tools designed to build digital twins and facilitate mindset changes among healthcare professionals, aiding in the integration of AI in their practice. It discusses methods to embrace a growth mindset, which is crucial for leveraging AI's potential in nursing and change in general.

The core result expected is a deeper understanding among nurse informaticists of how AI can be a transformative tool in healthcare, particularly in personalized patient care. The discussion will reveal how AI's predictive capabilities, harnessed through understanding individual purposes, can lead to more accurate and effective healthcare solutions. The presentation concludes by highlighting the importance of embracing new digital  technologies and mindsets in nursing informatics, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes.

Peter Klein

Peter Klein is a results-oriented CEO at Educated Change Ltd, employing a unique blend of social networking, people science, collaboration, entrepreneurship, gamification, and AI to drive purpose, influence and build communities. Lecturer at multiple universities specializing in using AI for amplifying purpose and building communities for the people that matter in your life. Peter and Educated Change have a unique personal branding approach that delivers ROI through networking, collaboration, and AI to create significant change in our world. Using his unique expertise in AI and change, people deliver on their promises.

Friday’s Keynote: Where is Healthcare’s Heartbeat in Our High-Tech Future?

Oriana Beaudet, DNP, RN, PHN
Vice President of Nursing Innovation, ANA Enterprise

What’s the differential diagnosis for healthcare’s high-tech fever? Delve into today’s dynamic healthcare landscape and identify trends creating new paths to be taken and risks to be navigated - for both nurses and society. Transformational change is possible across healthcare’s high-tech future but only if humanity is at its heart.


  • Enhance broader clarity around trends across the healthcare landscape.
  • Apply historical and current exemplars to healthcare and society.
  • Identify the transformational role of informatics across healthcare and beyond.
Oriana Beaudet

Oriana Beaudet is the Vice President of Nursing Innovation for the American Nurses Association Enterprise. The ANA Enterprise includes the American Nurses Association, American Nurses Credentialing Center, and the American Nurses Foundation.  She currently sits on the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy – Expert Advisory Council for Transformation and the Governing Directors Board for the Alliance for Nursing Informatics.

Prior to ANA, Dr. Beaudet ran her own business as a strategic partner for organizations, healthcare executives, and startups.  In a previous position as the Vice President of Transformation for a national healthcare design firm, she focused on strategy and business development for national health systems around operational and business innovations; simulation modeling and technology; design of the built space, and care delivery design.


June 5: Pre-conference

8:00     Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:45    Welcome and Introduction
Connie White Delaney, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI, FNAP

9:00    Track 1 (Memorial Hall):

Project Showcase on Multi-Modal Approaches to Social Drivers of Health (SDOH)
Sripriya Rajamani, MBBS, PhD, MPH, FAMIA
Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota

Robin Austin, PhD, DNP, DC, RN-BC, FAMIA, FNAP
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota

Track 2 (Ski-U-Mah):

Encoding Nursing Knowledge Models with LOINC and SNOMED CT

10:30   Break

10:45   Resume Tracks 1 & 2

11:45   Lunch provided

12:45   Track 3 (Memorial Hall)

Playing with FHIR, Safely
Laura Heermann Langford, PhD, RN, FAMIA, FHL7
Chief Operating Officer, Logica

Track 4 (Ski-U-Mah):

Advancing Excellence: The Adaptable, Transformative Multimodal Nursing Informatics Framework for use in Nursing Education and Practice

(Three 50-minute sessions),

Dorcas Elisabeth Kunkel DNP, RN/PHN, CNE, CPHIMS, FNAP
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Mary Jane Rivard DNP, NI-BC (ANCC Board Certified – Nursing Informatics)
Clinical Assistant Professor and Post-Master’s DNP Track Director, University of North Dakota

2:15   Break

2:30   Resume Tracks 3 & 4

3:30   Adjourn          

June 6: Conference Day 1

7:30    Registration and Continental Breakfast (Memorial Hall)

8:15    Welcome to the 2024 Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Conference

8:30    Keynote: AI, Your Social Mirror to Your Data, Your Digital Twin is in the Data

Peter Klein, Chairman at Educated Change
University of Minnesota School of Nursing Dean’s Board of Visitors
University of Minnesota School of Nursing Initiative Ethical Use of AI in Nursing Steering Committee

 9:30    Panel:  AI, Ethics, & Innovation

Moderator:  Connie White Delaney

Tracee M. Coleman, MS, NI-RN-CPHIMS; Clinical informatics consultant, Optum

Ryannon K. Frederick, M.S., R.N.; Chief Nursing Officer, Mayo Clinic
Maxim (Max) Topaz, PhD, RN, MA, FAAN, Elizabeth Standish Gill Associate Professor of Nursing, Columbia University Medical Center; Columbia University Data Science Institute; Senior Research Scientist, VNS Health

The intersection of AI, ethics, and innovation is complex and multifaceted. The discernment of this intersection and articulation of goals for nursing, health care, and humanity, and next steps for impact are critical. While AI technologies are rapidly offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation across nursing and health care, the need for integration into society with bold attention to the ethical concerns and their impact on individuals, communities, and the environment are paramount. Guidelines and frameworks that encompass AI and innovations that address humanity and fairness, transparency, accountability, privacy, and bias mitigation are needed. This panel will discuss the role of stakeholders, including governments, health care and nursing leaders, researchers, and civil society, in shaping policies that include the importance of integrating ethics into the innovation process to foster the responsible and sustainable advancement of AI technologies for the betterment of society.

10:30   Break & Poster Viewing

11:00   Workgroup Reports

12:30   Lunch Provided + Poster Viewing

1:45   Workgroup Meetings

3:00   Break

3:15   Workgroup Meetings

4:30   Welcome Reception

June 7: Conference Day 2

 7:30    Continental Breakfast

 8:30    Workgroup Action Plans

 9:30    Break

10:00   Keynote:  Where is Healthcare’s Heartbeat in Our High-Tech Future?

Oriana Beaudet, DNP, RN, PHN,
Vice President of Nursing Innovation, ANA Enterprise

10:45 Tech Talks: Transformative Uses of Nursing Data by EHR Partners
  Rebecca Freeman

Joe Zillmer and Kersten Bartelt,
Epic Systems
CJ Robison, BSN, RN, Oracle Health Innovation & Scientific Advisory
Cathy Turner, MEDITECH

This session will delve into the cutting-edge technologies and strategies employed by three leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) partners. They will showcase their latest advancements in design, usability, and innovation - especially highlighting how they harness data within the electronic health record to drive innovation in patient care.  Each presentation will unveil the transformative ways in which technology is being leveraged and intersecting with patient care.  Following the presentations, our panel of experts will engage in a lively discussion, exploring the challenges and opportunities on the technology and data landscape – from genomics to AI to big data inquiry (and everything in between).  Audience members will be encouraged to actively participate in Q&A, making this session an invaluable opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from industry leaders.

12:00   Lunch Provided

1:00   Workgroup Meetings

2:00   Closing Remarks