The Impact of Social Forces on Nursing and Health: Social Media and Artificial Intelligence

Current date: 2024-05-30T16:24:20-0500 , end date: 2024-06-07T13:00:00-0500
June 7, 2024
Friday, June 7, 2024
Friday, June 7, 2024
  • Join the University of Minnesota School of Nursing and Sage Publishing for a discussion with thought leaders about:
  • Using Social Media and AI to Find Your Purpose
  • Leveraging AI to Expedite Implementation Efforts
  • Educating Rural Populations for Infectious Disasters
  • Reviewing International Literature about Sarcopenia
  • Audiovisual Clinical Care Service for Children and Families
  • Guiding and Guarding Generative AI Use in Nursing Education
  • Advancing Health Equity through AI
  • Nursing & Social Work Students: The COVID-19 Lived Experience
  • Creative Nursing: History and New Directions