We are well on our way to reaching ambitious goal

(March 2019) A message from the Director of Development.

March 21, 2019

We know that the health care crisis is real. Our aging population, with increasingly complex and chronic conditions, combined with an uncoordinated delivery system are driving health care costs up and patient access and satisfaction down. As members of one of the largest and the most trusted profession in the nation, nurses are leading changes that address these issues.

I believe there is no greater investment in the health of our communities than supporting the courageous men and women prepared at the School of Nursing. When the School of Nursing launched the public phase of Empowering Health - The Campaign for the School of Nursing, it represented the school’s first campaign in nearly 15 years, with a goal of raising $45 million by June 30, 2021. Since then, thanks to dedicated benefactors, faculty, staff, foundation board members, alums and friends of the school, we are well on our way to reaching our ambitious goal, as more than $32 million has been raised. Through this campaign — the largest of its kind in our school’s history — we will transform the lives of future nurses, researchers, system executives and other leaders through greater access to innovative learning. This is the moment when we empower the next 110 years for the School of Nursing and future generations. Join us!

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donut charts showing the progress made with the fundraising campaign, Overall campaign 71% of $45M raised, Preparing nurse leaders, 79% of $33M raised, Ensuring forward-thinking faculty 46% of $6M raised, transforming research 11% of $6M raised


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