Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Among Nurses

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a chronic illness that impacts about 10% of the population.  It also affects 10% of nurses.  As nurses are one of the primary care givers in a healthcare setting, it is important for individuals entering the nursing profession to have knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote health among the general population, as well as among the members of the nursing profession.  

The University of Minnesota School of Nursing led an initiative with a variety of stakeholders to address this important professional nursing issues.  The initiative, Prevention Awareness Addiction Recovery Reentry and Support (PAARRS), involved a multi-pronged approach including the development of a peer support program for nurses with SUD and education materials that can be used by schools of nursing in the curriculum. These education materials are designed to be used by schools of nursing in the classroom setting or as online modules.