Two students named Emerging Scholars in Gerontological Nursing

November 13, 2023

Xiong and Flesichman

Bella Xiong and Anna Fleischman

The Center for Aging Science and Care Innovation (CASCI) welcomes PhD students Bella Xiong and Anna Fleischman to our year-long Emerging Scholar in Gerontological Nursing Program. Xiong, a bilingual woman of color from a developing country, aspires to become a scholar engaged in alleviating challenges faced by older adults living with dementia and improving their quality of life. Fleischman, motivated by the idea of “living well to die well,” aspires to investigate the quality of life for aging individuals and, more specifically, the intricacies of having thoughtful, productive conversations with patients in any stage of acute or chronic illness about their wishes for the remainder of their lives, whether that might be several years, months, weeks or days. Xiong and Fleischman’s mentors in this program are Associate Professor Rozina Bhimani, PhD, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CNE, CRRN, and Associate Professor Mary Fran Tracy, PhD, RN, APRN, CNS, FAAN, both members of CASCI.

The Emerging Scholar in Gerontological Nursing Program was recently developed to recognize students whose commitment to improving the care for older adults is evident as they seek opportunities to gain additional knowledge and experience in gerontological nursing. In addition to mentorship in this program, each scholar has specific plans for engaging in at least three learning activities and experiences. Examples of such activities include projects (e.g., PhD dissertation) related to aging or gerontological nursing; involvement in the Aging Studies Interdisciplinary Group or the Aging Work Group, both in the Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation, School of Public Health; present at the School of Nursing Research Day or other local, regional and national conferences; and engage in a professional organization focused on the care of older adults. Students from all programs in the School of Nursing, including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice and PhD, are encouraged to apply for this program each spring.