Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions by applicants to the Master of Nursing program. If you have questions regarding the program or the admission process, many of the answers are provided below.

Frequently asked questions about the Master of Nursing program

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Can I complete courses at the University of Minnesota to fulfill the prerequisites?

Yes, applicants can register for courses as a non-degree seeking student. Visit One Stop for more information.

Can I pick a specialty in the Master of Nursing program?

No, this is a pre-licensure, generalist program.

What is the difference between the UMN's Master of Nursing program and a Master of Science in Nursing program?

When researching other nursing schools, you may see options for a Master of Science in Nursing as an advanced degree in nursing instead of the pre-licensure program that we offer. We fully transitioned our Master of Science in Nursing degree to the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. Some schools still offer an advanced practice degree at the master’s level. In 2004, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing called for moving the current level of preparation necessary for advanced practice from a master’s degree to the doctorate level.

If I retake a prerequisite, how will that be calculated in my prerequisite GPA?

If you have multiple courses on your transcript that meet the requirements for a prerequisite, we will choose the course where you received the highest grade when calculating the prerequisite GPA.

Are there any exceptions made to the minimum application requirements?

No, there are not exceptions to the minimum application requirements.

I am interested in learning more about the application process. Where can I receive more information?

Great! We encourage you to attend an information session. These sessions go into detail on the prerequisites, admission statistics, costs, program structure, and opportunities to advance your nursing education after completing the MN program.

It is difficult to find an appropriate course to complete the Human Pathology prerequisite. How should I complete this?

Human Pathology is the prerequisite that we are most strict in accepting. One option that may be available is completing the University of Minnesota’s LAMP 4177: Pathology for Allied Health Students course as a non-degree student through the College of Continuing & Professional Studies. This course is offered online during spring and summer semesters, and the prerequisites to this course are human physiology and human anatomy. Many students complete this course the summer before entering the program. We do accept some pathology courses outside of the University of Minnesota. These courses can be found on the prerequisite guides on our website.

Can you confirm that the courses I previously completed meet minimum requirements for the prerequisites?

We have prerequisite guides for many of the colleges and universities around the area. However, as course numbers and titles change frequently, it is meant to be used as a tool to aide in the selection of coursework. Prerequisite coursework will be accepted if it transfers to the University of Minnesota, meets the minimum credit requirements, has the same or similar course title,  and meets the timeline requirements. To verify if a class transfers to the University of Minnesota, you may use the online course transfer system at If does not clearly state whether it transfers, please send an extensive course description or syllabus to

How do I petition a requirement for a prerequisite to be waived or substituted?

You can petition using the form at the link below. Please note petitions can take 4 weeks to be reviewed.

Course evaluations and petitions

I have international coursework. How do I add this information to my application?

Applicants who have completed college-level coursework outside the U.S. or Canada must have their international coursework evaluated. This course-by-course evaluation needs to be sent to NursingCAS as a part of your application. Please use a credential evaluation service such as WES or ECE during the application process. If your international coursework was completed as part of a study abroad through a U.S. institution, only the U.S. transcript is required.

Why does my application need to be verified by NursingCAS to be reviewed by the School of Nursing?

An application that is verified by NursingCAS means that we can be confident that the application contains the applicant’s full academic history. This is why applications need to be verified before they receive a full review from our committee.

Will S/N or Pass/Fail grades be accepted for prerequisite requirements?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and stress imposed on students, the Admissions Committee will accept S/N grades for prerequisite courses from the Spring 2020 semester.  To be a more competitive applicant, it is encouraged for students to complete prerequisite courses A-F. For all other semesters, prerequisite courses must be taken A-F. If you have further questions, please email

Do Advanced Placement (AP) scores satisfy prerequisite requirements?

Our admission requirements stipulate that all prerequisite courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C+. These prerequisite courses are essential for ensuring that our students have a strong foundation for success in the program.

We understand that many applicants have taken Advanced Placement (AP) tests and have earned college credit for their scores. While we value the rigorous nature of AP tests, these scores typically do not appear as letter grades on final transcripts. In light of this, we require applicants to fulfill these requirements with courses that do provide letter grades on final transcripts.