Densford Dialogues

Wisdom Dialogue Series

The Wisdom Dialogue Series connects thought leaders with nurses and other stakeholders to explore career lessons and wisdom gleaned over time.Thought leaders are nursing influencers who have distinguished themselves in the profession through their exemplary leadership roles. The goals of this project are to harvest the personal and professional wisdom of leaders and stimulate dialogue and insights among invited participants... 

Creative Dialogue Clinics

The Katharine J Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership Creative Dialogue Clinics supports and inspires creativity through the application of creative strategies that support innovation leadership in education, practice, research, and project development. The clinic provides a time, place, and set of liberating structures and strategies for convening people to have creative conversations and receive consultation about innovative ideas, projects, challenging situations or issues... 

Policy Dialogue Series

“Public policy is a nursing intervention.” So says Minnesota State Senator, health committee chair and nurse educator, Kathy Sheran. Ninety percent of health outcomes are affected by factors outside of clinical care (see Figure 1). So it comes as no surprise that nursing, the largest and most omnipresent health profession, which also enjoys unparalleled political capital with the highest public trust, influences and increasingly creates public policy to reduce social impediments to individual and population health. The Densford Center’s Policy Dialogue Series creates a regular forum for Essential Conversations that illuminate how key policy topics might inform nursing interventions and impact professional practice.