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Program Overview

The Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences (MCSHS) and the University of Minnesota (UMN) Doctor of Nursing Practice program collaboration aims to increase the nurse midwifery workforce in the Midwest and across the United States.  Students are admitted to the UMN DNP program and nurse midwifery speciality and the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences. Students complete their clinical training at Mayo Clinic hospitals in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Students will have the benefit of learning from UMN faculty and Mayo Clinic employed certified nurse midwives who hold adjunct faculty positions with the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. 
Application and enrollment timeline

Dates and Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines

Applicants for the Mayo Clinic cohort of the UMN School of Nursing DNP program-nurse midwifery specialty may apply for the Fall 2024 start date.

On Campus Requirements

Each semester students attend a 4 day session (Tuesday-Friday) on the Twin Cities campus that includes core courses, enhancement programming, specialty courses and advisor meetings. Beginning the second year of the program students meet 3-4 additional times per semester for 1–2 days each time for coursework that will include simulation and other hands on learning. Some in-person class meetings may be in Rochester, MN. Mayo Clinic cohort students may meet in-person or virtually at other times throughout the program to support their specialty learning program.

The nurse-midwifery DNP specialty at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I apply if I don’t work at Mayo Clinic?

Yes. Any interested applicant that meets minimum application requirements will be considered, especially if they have an interest in practicing in the Midwest after graduation. You can apply and complete the program if you do not currently work at Mayo Clinic, however you will need to complete all practicum requirements at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The UMN-MCSHS collaboration encourages registered nurses already working at Mayo Clinic to apply, which would ensure that their clinical education will occur at a Mayo Clinic site. 

From what institution will I receive my degree?

You will receive a University of Minnesota DNP degree and a completion certificate from the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences. All course and on-campus requirements align with the UMN DNP degree, however your practicum experiences will be located at a Mayo Clinic hospital site.   

Can I apply for scholarships?

Yes - you are eligible to apply for UMN School of Nursing scholarships. All newly admitted and continuing students are invited to apply for School of Nursing scholarships each year.  If you are a current Mayo Clinic employee, contact the Career Investment Program for information about scholarship options.

Where will on-campus requirements be located?

All on-campus requirements will be located at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and some may be located in Rochester, MN.

Where will I do my practicum experiences?

All practicum experiences will be at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

What is the length of the program?

The UMN DNP nurse midwifery specialty offers both a 3 year program plan and a 4 year program plan. 

What if I already have a masters of science in nursing degree?

Those with a MSN degree in a specialty other than nurse midwifery are eligible. Prior graduate level coursework may be submitted for review upon an accepted offer of admission to determine if they are eligible to satisfy DNP program requirements. 

How much does the program cost?

Cost of attendance will align with University of Minnesota tuition and fees. The approximate cost (tuition/fees) is between $11,500-12,500 per semester. Students are eligible for University of Minnesota School of Nursing scholarships, graduate assistantship positions, and additional UMN funding opportunities to offset the cost of attendance.  If you are a current Mayo Clinic employee, contact the Career Investment Program for information about scholarship options.

How many students are accepted into the Mayo Clinic cohort?

We aim to admit up to 6 students for each entering cohort.  If capacity is reached for this cohort, qualified applicants will have the option to be considered for the nurse midwifery cohort with practicums at affiliated sites in the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota, and western Wisconsin.

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