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November 2, 2021

three females involved in nursing informatics research
Sripriya Rajamani

The Center for Nursing Informatics continues to have impact on a local to global scale. In a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) led by Sripriya Rajamani, PhD, MBBS, MPH, FAMIA, the Center for Nursing Informatics continues collaborative work to support a national initiative for electronic case reporting for COVID-19 surveillance. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this initiative promotes national standards-based submission of COVID-19 case data from health system electronic health records to MDH for public health surveillance needs.

Nationally, the Center for Nursing Informatics ninth-annual Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference brought together researchers, academicians, clinicians and interprofessional experts to share year-round accomplishments and emerging questions from the 10 working

Molly McCarthy

groups. The keynote address Five ways big data is changing nursing was delivered by Molly K. McCarthy, MBA, RN-BC, national director, US Health Provider and Plans for Microsoft.

Internationally, Jiwon Kang, PhD, joins the Center for Nursing Informatics as a visiting scholar for 2021 from Korea University School of Nursing. Her research has focused on nursing education, and nurses’ security competency development. She will share her expertise in nursing informatics, nursing management and her work related to compassion competency growth models. Her current research is supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Center for Women In Science, Engineering and Technology Grant funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT under the Program for Returners into R&D.

Jiwon Kang
Jiwon Kang

We celebrate these center members, who are extending informatics expertise and advancing the science of nursing informatics where it is most needed for health care transformation. Center for Nursing Informatics faculty are actively co-creating a future of digital health, empowered by the voice of the people/consumer and big data.