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From the Dean

November 3, 2021

Connie Delaney

Dear Friends,

Higher education and researchers are often challenged to demonstrate their impact. The University of Minnesota School of Nursing always includes a focus on why we are doing it and who will benefit for everything we do — from education to research to service.

Our cover story takes a deep dive into the power of partnerships and the benefits of community-engaged nursing research. Diane Treat-Jacobson’s PAD Prairie Initiative and Siobhan McMahon’s efforts to promote health and wellness among older adults with fall risk help illustrate how involving partners and the community in design, recruitment, implementation and dissemination can create powerful interventions that positively impact thousands of lives.

Subsequent stories are exemplars of the research that School of Nursing faculty are doing in partnership with the community, including Niloufar Hadidi’s efforts to reduce the disparities of stroke deaths among African Americans and Sarah Hoffman’s work to address symptoms of community and intergenerational trauma in North Minneapolis.

This issue includes several magnificent profiles of School of Nursing alumni. The first is the fascinating journey of recent DNP graduate Shanna Miko who turned an interest in global health into a position at the Centers for Disease Control where she is a disease detective focusing on global water, sanitation and hygiene. New BSN grad Julie Pekala shares how she discovered that, rather than having to choose between math and science or her passion for the arts and human connection, she could have it all by pursuing nursing. This issue also highlights Misty Wilkie, the 14th American Indian nurse to earn a PhD in the U.S. Recognizing the importance of representation, Misty has dedicated her career to ensuring more American Indians become nurses. And we celebrate the remarkable career of Marie Manthey and her tremendous impact on nursing. Marie, the creator of Primary Nursing, recently received the highest award the University bestows upon its alumni.

Finally, we celebrate you and your role in making the Empowering Health: The Campaign for the School of Nursing so successful. In this issue we share stories that show the impact your generosity will have on preparing nurse leaders, ensuring forward-thinking faculty and transforming nursing research.

We offer our deepest gratitude for your continued interest in and engagement with our school. We hope reading Minnesota Nursing deepens our bond. We look forward to your continued feedback.

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Connie White Delaney
Professor and Dean

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