In Memory

May 4, 2022

Shirley J. Small, BSN ‘45
Bernadine T. Thompson, BSN ‘45
Mary Ann Johnson, BSN ‘46
Louise B. Mills, BSN ‘46
Barbara S. Cashman, BSN ‘47
Pearl R. Hoover, BSN ‘47
Armintha G. La Rue, BSN ‘47
Olive M. Weatherman, BSN ‘47
Joan Courture Goering, BSN ‘48
Jacquelyn V. Miesbauer, BSN ‘48
Rosina Treacy, BSN ‘48
Caroline Robinson, BSN ‘50
Marjorie A. Auld, BSN ‘51
Gloria H. Ruschmeyer, BSN ‘52
Carol M. Peterson, BSN ‘53
Hazel J. Schweiger, BSN ‘54
Helen K. Bjorlin, BSN ‘55
Lois Fielding, BSN ‘56
Barbara D. Struyk, BSN ‘56
Sandra L. Cragg, BSN ‘58
Etheldreda “Ethel” Daly, BSN ‘59
Laverne Holmes, BSN ‘59
Sarah “Sally” Parsons, BSN ‘59
Caroline Foss, BSN ‘60
Helen Wells, MN ‘61
Adeline C. Leraas, MSN ‘62, BSN ‘54
Patricia L. Jenkins, BSN ‘65
Trudy F. Welander, BSN ‘66
Sandra J. Kneissel, BSN ‘68
Mary C. Arbisi, MN ’69, BSN ‘69
Judith Anderson, BSN ‘70
Gladys Anne LaBree, MPN ‘70, BSN ‘53
Luna “Beatrice” Cooper, BSN ‘78
Joanne Melloh, BSN ‘78
Glenys A. Butler, MN ‘79, BSN ‘75
Kathleen B. Kolias, MSN ‘80, BSN ‘59
Stephen C. Sheie, BSN ‘84
Marva L. Thurston, MN ‘86
Janice C. Blanski, BSN ‘90
Debra M. Smith, MN ’97
Kathleen A. Nelson, MN ‘06, BSN ‘93
Renee A. Steffen, DNP ‘09
Catherine A. Erickson, DNP ‘15

In Remembrance

Ruth Stryker-Gordon, BSN ’48, passed away on Dec. 17, 2021. She pioneered long-term care administration curriculum and influenced the field of rehabilitation nursing through courses and publications. She had an unwavering commitment to the advancement of public health nursing and aging. Stryker-Gordon continued to champion improvements in health care after retirement through work with Stratis Health, a quality improvement organization.

Eugenia “Gene” R. Taylor, BSN ’49, faculty emeriti, passed away on October 20, 2021, just three months shy of her 103rd birthday. She was instrumental in advancing the School of Nursing service to rural Minnesota. Among her many accomplishments was her service in public health nursing in rural Montana and her pioneering service in gerontological nursing, developing the first elective in gero nursing that drew students from dentistry and medicine. Furthermore, she represented and promoted professional nursing in interdisciplinary work on legislation toward Universal Health Care.

Florence M. Schubert, BSN ’54, passed away on June 26, 2021. Schubert was a full colleague of the School of Nursing since 1978. She was instrumental in the founding of the nursing major at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and was dedicated to serving her profession as a practitioner and educator in the areas of psychiatric nursing, sexual assault, alcoholism and Alzheimer’s disease. Schubert was a key contributor to the relationship between the School of Nursing and the Mayo Clinic.

Mary Jean Vickers, DNP ’09, passed away on Sept. 10, 2021. She began her career providing compassionate patient care as a registered nurse. She combined her love of teaching and her clinical skills to serve the next generation of nurses at Ohio State and the University of Minnesota, culminating in her role as director of nursing practice and education for the University of Minnesota Medical Center. She was in full partnership with the school during her time at University of Minnesota Medical Center and was involved in expanding recruitment of nurses of diverse backgrounds.

John “Sean” Spillane passed away April 16, 2021. Spillane was a deeply committed member of the School of Nursing community and a strong advocate for nursing along with his father Jack (a Richard Olding Beard Award recipient) and wife Deb.

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