In memory

November 9, 2023

Marian M Zieg, BSN ’42
Sally A Thompson, BSN ’45
Ruth Williams Bennett, BSN ’46
Lola M Ouska, BSN ’46
Virginia Young, BSN ’46
Elizabeth LeFevre Swanson, BSN ’47
Muriel R Hoeflich, BSN ’49
Lois O Olson, BSN ’50
Alice A Litton, BSN ’52
Phyllis M Smith, BSN ’52
Jo Ann M Williams, BSN ’52
Bernadine M Gust, BSN ’53
Mary R Hanstad, BSN ’54
Joyce Stevens, BSN ’55
Sharon O Schamber, BSN ’57
Marguerite J Judge, BSNE ’57
Nancy J Irvin, BSN ’59
Christine K Peterson, BSN ’59
Eldean M Tingerthal, MEd ’59
Joanne M. Pedersen, MPH ’74, BSN ’59
Lois M Troemel, MSN ’59
Beverly J. Donner, BSNE ’60
Gwendolyn M Kline, BSN ’61
Colleen Y Rouzer, BSN ’62
Mary Ruth Thompson, BSN ’62
Laura C Iverson, BSN ’70 
Jane A Kurata, BSN ’80
Marilyn R Carlson Olmstead, MSN ’80, BSN ’53
Linda M Prigge, MSN ’92
Diana L Farm-Franks, DNP ’11, MSN ’09, BSN ’84

Brenda Haram Canedy, MSN ’74, recognized for her expertise and leadership in mental health nursing, health care management, her regression therapy practice, and her passion for nursing history that resulted in the publication Remembering Things Past: A Heritage of Excellence – a book honoring the diamond jubilee of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, passed away Aug. 2. Canedy taught at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing and later went on to become the director of the Graduate Nursing Program at the College of St. Catherine. She maintained a private mental health practice until she retired in 2012.

Susan G Gerberich, BSN ’75, passed away June 4. In response to her observations of severe injuries and deaths in high school football, she launched the first major comprehensive study of football injuries in Minnesota high schools in 1978. She went on to conduct epidemiologic research associated with unintentional and intentional injuries, including youth sport injuries in the U.S. and Canada that resulted in return-to-play criteria and rule changes to reduce injuries. Her agricultural research also helped to identify and reduce work hazards to optimize safety in rural communities. "Injuries are Not Accidents" is a mantra she repeated to her colleagues and students over decades and is also engraved on her gravestone.

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