Families Preventing Diabetes Together

fresh fruits and vegetables grocery display

Do you ever feel like it is a chore to prepare a healthy dinner? Do you wish you had more support for healthful eating and being active? Your family is invited to take part in a research study called Families Preventing Diabetes Together.

You might be able to participate if:

  • You or your partner have Type 2 diabetes.
  • You have children between the ages of 5-14.

We believe it is important to have the whole family involved in creating a home environment where healthful eat and activity are supported.  We will invite your entire family to a fun, hands-on program with other families at the Fairview Clinic in Fridley, Minnesota.  During the program, we will work together to cook fun and tasty recipes, participate in exciting activities to learn more about healthful eating and being active together, and eat a family-meal.  We will also visit your home to work with you on creating a family plan to encourage healthy snacking and meals.  The study will include measurement of height weight, eating habits and physical activity (and A1C for the parent with Type 2 diabetes).  The measurements will be conducted at your home to make it more convenient for you.