Center moves to a directorate leadership structure

November 13, 2023

Snowflake model

The leadership structure of our center changed in 2022 from a director dedicated to all facets of the center to a directorate. According to the Merriam dictionary, a directorate is a “group of persons who govern the affairs of a center or institution.” 

The Katharine J. Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership adopted this structure because its evolving mission, vision and values warranted new and diverse initiatives.

Developing initiatives include Center for Nursing Leadership and Engagement at the United Nations; Academic, Practice, and Community Partnership; Nursing Impact: Key to a Viable and Better Future; and Cultivating Bold Visionary Leadership.

Each initiative is linked to relevant activities guided by the Snowflake Model, pictured above.

Members of the center’s directorate represent faculty (clinical and tenure/tenure track), staff, as well as state and national leaders.

The directorate team, illustrated as maroon figures in the middle of the snowflake model, facilitates the development of interconnected teams.

Interconnected teams, illustrated as gold spheres on snowflake model, are local to each initiative and related activity. The key responsibility of the directorate is to ensure the work of all teams reflects the center’s mission, vision and values and is coherently and effectively moving toward the long term goals of our initiatives.