Preparing Heart and Mind

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What is Preparing Heart and Mind™?

Our focus is on supporting parents during an uncertain time - when there are concerns about a baby’s health before and after birth.

We have developed the Preparing Heart and Mind™ care program as a new way to provide what parents need along the journey of becoming parents to their new baby. The care program includes a mobile app designed for a pregnant person and their caregiving partner (for example, a spouse, partner, or grandparent). This app is based on what we have learned from parents, like you, and healthcare providers who are dealing with fetal and infant health concerns.

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to test the Preparing Heart and Mind™ care program, and find out how it could be used to make a family’s experience better.

What will study participants do?

Study participants will complete surveys throughout the pregnancy and after the birth of their baby. Some may have video sessions or phone calls with a nurse, who will help with the app, answer questions, and talk about important experiences and issues.

Is there any compensation?

Yes! In recognition of participants’ time and effort, each will receive a gift card for each study activity completed.

This research study is coordinated by the University of Minnesota. Study participation involves the use of smartphones, tablets or computers. No appointments on campus or in clinics are required for this study.

Study Sponsors: 

The Preparing Heart and Mind™ study has been generously sponsored by: