Having a Baby: Prenatal and Newborn Education

These educational videos were created to support you and your family through pregnancy, labor and birth, the postpartum period and caring for your newborn up until 3 months.

These free videos are:

  • easy to access on your time
  • easy to watch and understand in short clips
  • easy to navigate

Our goal is to help you feel empowered and have the healthiest pregnancy and birth. We want you to feel confident as you become a parent to your new baby!

Find all of the videos by clicking on the big red tabs on your screen! Enjoy!

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Let us know what you think! This helps us learn what you liked about the videos and how we can make them even better for you.

At the University of Minnesota School of Nursing we welcome and value all individuals and their differences, including gender expression and identity. Our hope is that this video series will serve as a welcome resource to all. We intentionally used a variety of terms throughout the series (e.g., she, they, mother, pregnant person, parent, woman) in an attempt to be both respectful and inclusive, although we want to recognize that not all viewers may identify with the terms we use.

Special thank you to videographer Deacon Warner for his work on this project.