In Memory

October 24, 2022

Dolores A Smith, BSN ‘38
Bertha A Johnston, BSN ‘39
Audrey A Reinhold, BSN ‘39
Alice M Drummond, BSN ‘40
Mattie M Widen, BSN ‘42
Elizabeth H Spain, BSN ‘45
Virginia Heinzmann, BSN ‘45
Elizabeth H Blevins, BSN ‘46
Genevieve A Laskowski, BSN ‘46
Dorothy M Dickey, BSN ‘47
Karen S Johnson, BSN ‘47
Elizabeth S McLaughlin, BSN ‘47
Rose M Price, BSN ‘47
Mary M McLaughlin, BSN ‘48
Lila M Fee, BSN ‘48
Marilynn N Amann, BSN ‘49
Mary Lou Shumway, BSN ‘50
Beverly A Wood, BSN '51 
Mary E Lensink, BSN ‘52
Elaine A Mason, BSN ‘52
Dorothy A Lym, BSN ‘52
Joan C McLean, BSN ‘52
R C Stevens, BSN ‘52
Theresa M Lilley, BSN ‘53
Dorothy Bradford, BSN ‘53
Mary L Zordel, BSN ‘54
Helen M Sullivan, BSNE ‘54
Marjorie R Hoagland, BSN ‘55
Kathleen M Luthens, BSN ‘56
Lyla L Niederbaumer, BSN ‘56
Eleanor C Beethe, BSN ‘56
Susan S Walker, BSN ‘56
Ruth Guida, BSNE ‘56
Betty J Moyer, BSN ‘56
Muriel M Lehman, BSN ‘57
Janet B Stende, BSN ‘57
Donna E Wraspir, BSN ‘57
Pat Woody, BSN ‘57
Sharon A Stickel, BSN ‘58
Naomi Tanikawa, BSN ‘58
Marjorie A Jacobsen, BSN ‘59
Kathleen A Meuwissen, BSN ‘59
Mary E Tananis, MSN ‘59
Ms Dorothy J Dobratz, BSNE ‘60
Sandra K Kennaugh, BSN ‘61
Jessie M Richards, BSN ‘61
Margaret J Nordlie, BSN ‘61
Arlis H Christenson, BSN ‘62
Dorothy I Sorbo, BSN ‘63
Margaret G Fogelson, BSN ‘63
Nicole Virginny Morton, BSN ‘63
Myrna J Goodman, BSN ‘64
Dorothy M Bennett, BSN ‘64
Patricia L Jenkins, BSN ‘65
Shirley A Peterson, PN ‘66
Carole L Hodges, BSN ‘69
Frances C Rowan, MSN ‘69
Gary L Horton, BSN ‘74
Glenn R Horton Jr, BSN ‘75
Kathryn M Komar, BSN ‘78
Virginia L Norman, MSN ‘80
Mary Pynn, MSN ‘80
Jean K Arnt, BSNA ‘81
Mary B Eichmiller, MSN ‘81
Margaret M Sherman, MSN ‘83
Jeannine J Beasley, BSNA ‘84
Michael G Johnston, BSNA ‘84
Lynn A Lundgren, MSN ‘85
Patricia A Pousard, BSN ‘88
Barbara H Adrian, BSNA ‘89
Jeanette M Olson, BSN ‘91
Brenda P Bublitz, MSN ‘92
Daniel P Kenward, BSN ‘97
Cynthia W Baird, MSN ‘97
Dana Feld, MSN ‘08

Marjorie K Jamieson, MSN ‘79, was an assistant professor at the School of Nursing, an instructor at the Carlson School of Management, and a Distinguished Alumna of both the School of Nursing and St. Olaf College. She was widely lauded for her role in establishing the Block Nurse Program, transforming care options that encourage a neighborhood-based, home care system that is still used today. This program allows elderly individuals to stay in their own homes by engaging neighbors, under the direction of registered nurses, in their care and has become a highly regarded, dynamic national and international model of care.


Lois Freeberg-Requa, MS ’82, BSN ’70, passed away Sept. 1, 2022. Freeberg-Requa was a nursing professional and long-time member of the School of Nursing community. She had an extensive career as a nurse, nurse educator and clinical director of Nursing at Mayo Hospital in Rochester. As a nurse educator she focused on teaching skills in a manner that valued the patient’s inherent worth and dignity. While she was a volunteer, she worked with the Heritage Committee at the School of Nursing to help collect, preserve and promote the history of the School of Nursing and its impact.


Elizabeth A Colloton, BSN ‘83, was a nurse and an instructor of nursing for over 50 years in the United States and in Germany, and recipient of the Excellence in Nursing Education Award from the School of Nursing Alumni Society in 1984. She concluded her career as a public health nurse with the City of Chicago Department of Public Health. Prior to her time in Chicago she served in the United States Navy Reserve, where she attained the rank of Commander. Colloton was a long-time volunteer with and officer of SIDS of Illinois, Inc and an active supporter of Women in Military Service for America.

Amos S Deinard, passed away March 9, 2022. Deinard was a faculty member in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Pediatrics, past-director of the Community-University Health Care Center in Minneapolis, founder of the Minnesota Oral Health Project, and former School of Nursing Foundation Board member. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Harvard University in 1957 and after a single year of law school at the University of Minnesota (1957-58), he found his calling in medicine, graduating from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1962. He obtained his MPH degree in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in 1985.

Gloria J Tew passed away on Jan. 31, 2022. She was a sculptor and friend of the School of Nursing. Her many notable works include a 15-ft. bronze wall relief Forever Caring, a commemoration of nursing in the Gonda Building at the Mayo Clinic and a stainless steel sculpture Enlightened Touch at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. She presented a marble sculpture titled Caring to King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden and has an 8-ft. bronze sculpture of Caring in Vaxjo, Sweden. She is featured in Patricia Donahue’s book Nursing, The Finest Art.

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