School of Nursing Foundation awards grants

July 1, 2021

The School of Nursing Foundation awarded six faculty and three students funding for research projects during the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Faculty projects include:


Cynthia Bradley

Assistant Professor Cynthia Bradley PhD, RN, CNE, CHSE was awarded a School of Nursing Foundation Faculty Grant for Strengthening University of Minnesota School of Nursing Student Learning and Community with Virtual Reality: A Pilot Study to Increase Presence and Mitigate the Impact of Physical Distancing


Sarah Hoffman

Assistant Professor Sarah Hoffman, PhD, MPH, RN,was awarded a School of Nursing Foundation Faculty Grant for Community Health Worker Interventionist Training, Coaching, and Fidelity Monitoring in a CBPR Feasibility Pilot Addressing Intergenerational Trauma in War Affected Families: Learning to BREATHE Training


Jiwoo Lee

Assistant Professor Jiwoo Lee, PhD, RN, LSN, was awarded a LaVohn Josten Public Health Nursing Pilot Research Fund Grant for Evaluation of the Nutritional Quality of a Community-based Summer Nutrition Program


Anne McKechnie

Assistant Professor Anne McKechnie, PhD, RN, was awarded a School of Nursing Foundation Faculty Grant for Preparing Heart and Mind Care Program for Parents and Healthcare Providers After a Prenatal Diagnosis of Complex Congenital Heart Disease: Addressing Diverse Needs and Inclusivity in Research Design and Recruitment


Lisiane Pruinelli

Assistant Professor Lisiane Pruinelli, PhD, RN, was awarded a Hattori Award for Excellence in Informatics Research for Knowledge Discovery in Liver Transplant Health Disparity: A national pipeline for machine learning applications


Missy Saftner

Clinical Professor Missy Saftner, PhD, APRN, CNM, FACNM, was awarded a School of Nursing Foundation Faculty Grant for The Impact of COVID-19 on Young People Living with HIV in Uganda

Student awards include:

  • PhD student Lizzie Choma, DPT, PT, GCS, was awarded a Helen Wells Nursing Research Grant for Characterizing Fall Risk and Fall Experiences in Older Adults with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD): A Mixed Methods Approach
  • PhD student Kristin Elgersma, DM, MN, RN,was awarded a Sophia Grant for They told me, ‘We never send babies home that are only breastfed’”: How parents achieve direct breastfeeding with their infants who were hospitalized for congenital heart disease
  • PhD student Pamela Peterson, BSN, RN, was awardeda Helen Wells Nursing Research Grant for Analysis of Pain and Sedation Management for Critically Ill Cardiovascular Post-Operative Surgical Patients in the Context of CYP2D6 Polymorphisms

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