Cost & Financial Support

We know that pursuing a graduate degree takes commitment both personally and financially. In order to help you prepare and make an informed decision, we want to provide you with cost and scholarship information up front. We encourage you to use this information as a guide as very specific amounts are only available at the time in which you are charged. However, this information provides helpful estimates to understand the financial commitment to pursue the MN degree.

Tuition and Fees

Below are general estimates on each semester’s tuition and fees, as well as books and supplies (listed separately). These amounts are based on previous year’s figures. Each year, tuition and fees could change based on decisions made by the Board of Regents in July prior to the fall semester. We strongly encourage you to consult the OneStop webpages to get more detailed information about tuition rates and fees. Please use these amounts as a guide:

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Fall Semester 1

Tuition: $10,220
School of Nursing Fees: $910
Student Services Fees: $460
Other Fees: $320
Student Health Insurance: $1,398*
Total Estimated: $13,308

*Health insurance is required for all health science students at the University of Minnesota. However, if you receive health insurance through another means, you will not need to pay this fee, but will have to show proof that you have health insurance.

Spring Semester 1

Tuition: $10,950 – based on 15 credits (same fees as fall semester)

Total Estimated: $14,038

Summer Semester 1

Tuition: $8,030 based on 11 credits
School of Nursing fees: $910
Student Services fees: $250 (estimated)
**No cost for Student Health Insurance if enrolled in fall and spring
Total Estimated: $9,190

Fall Semester 2

Tuition: $8,030 – based on 11 credits

(Similar fees as previous fall and spring semesters)

Total Estimated: $11,118

Books and Supplies

Books, supplies, and resources for the entire program cost between $3,000-$4,000. Much of this cost is charged at the beginning of the program.

Total Program Cost

Total Program Cost: Total program cost is estimated to be approximately $47,654

This total cost estimate includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, and resources (listed above). Additionally, this total cost will vary based on health insurance enrollment and potential tuition and fee changes from year to year.

Financial Support

School of Nursing Scholarships

The school offers a range of scholarships. Students are considered for scholarships at the time of their admission offer, and it does not require a separate scholarship application.

Many of these scholarships are based in part on financial need, and therefore scholarship applicants are required to complete a FAFSA application in early January in order to be eligible for scholarships at the time of admission (mid to late February). If students are unable to complete a FAFSA application, they are asked to contact the Office of Student and Career Advancements Services at for more information.

External Scholarships

Students are also encouraged to explore external funding opportunities.