Detailed Application Instructions

NursingCAS Application instructions for the Master of Nursing Program

We are pleased you are considering our program! Below is a list of instructions to assist you in the application process for the MN program.

Applicants interested in University of Minnesota's MN program should apply through NursingCAS. NursingCAS is the online, centralized application service for nursing programs. Visit and click “Apply Here”. Click on “Create Account” and complete the required fields in order to start your application.

Helpful Hint: We encourage you keep these instructions open when completing your NursingCAS application.

Please note that all applicants are required to submit a new application every year.

Follow the guidelines below for the University of Minnesota requirements and note that your application will not be considered until ALL elements listed below are completed, submitted, and verified through NursingCAS

Apply Early!

All materials must be submitted to NursingCAS and applications must be complete and verified by the application deadline for consideration. It takes 4-6 weeks for NursingCAS to receive and verify your transcripts and calculate GPAs. Please take this into consideration for meeting deadlines.

You should monitor your NursingCAS application portal weekly for completion of tasks such as your transcripts and recommendations. Notifications regarding your application will only be sent through your NursingCAS portal, and it is your responsibility to be checking and taking action on necessary tasks.

Required portions of the NursingCAS application for your MN Application to the University of Minnesota

Once you initiate an account on the NursingCAS site, you will be directed to select the programs to which you want to apply. You will need to select at least one program to begin your application. After selecting your program(s), proceed to Review My Selections. After reviewing, continue to your application.

On the My Application dashboard, you will be able to complete the four application sections as well as manage your programs. Each section will ask for multiple pieces of applicant information; please follow the directions below carefully for the University of Minnesota requirements.

Helpful Hint: At any point, to return to the My Application page, simply click on the blue icon with four boxes in the upper left corner.

Personal Information

Please complete all seven sections of the Personal Information section as thoroughly as possible.

Academic History

There are five sections in the Academic History section. Please follow the instructions below for completion.

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1. High School Attended

This section is not required for the University of Minnesota

2. Colleges Attended

Please follow the instructions provided by NursingCAS to add colleges. Official transcripts are required for the University of Minnesota. Please download a Transcript Request Form for each college, and submit the form to your Registrar. Applicants must submit official transcripts from all institutions attended. Transcripts sent directly to the School of Nursing will not be accepted.

International Students

Applicants who have completed college-level courses outside the U.S. and Canada must have their international coursework evaluated. This can be accomplished by sending transcripts to a foreign credential evaluation service for a course-by-course evaluation. This evaluation must be sent to NursingCAS. If the international coursework was completed as part of a study abroad through a U.S. institution, only the U.S. transcript is required.

Note for applicants currently or previously enrolled in a nursing program (RN):
Students currently or previously enrolled in a nursing program (RN) must provide a letter of good standing from the Nursing Program Director. Letters will not be accepted until an applicant has initiated an application for the current application cycle. The letter must be on institutional letterhead, include Program Director signature and sent in a sealed envelope (signature across the envelope seal).
Send directly to:
University of Minnesota School of Nursing
2-139 Weaver-Densford Hall
308 Harvard Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

3. Transcript Entry

In this section, you will be prompted to start your coursework entry. The University of Minnesota Master of Nursing program requires full coursework entry. We acknowledge that this process can be labor-intensive and we encourage entering this information early on in the application process.

Helpful Hint: Having your unofficial transcript handy when completing this section can make the process quicker and easier.

Once all your coursework has been entered, you will be prompted to review and finalize your transcripts. Please review your coursework entry very carefully, as it cannot be edited once you submit your application.

4. Standardized Tests

If English is not your native language then you are required to submit TOEFL scores. Request to have your results sent directly to the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. The TOEFL institutional code for School of Nursing is 5942. A score of at least 587 (written), 240 computerized, or 95 (IBT) is required. Scores must be no more than two years old. You are exempt from taking the test if, within the past 24 months, you have completed 24 quarter credits or 16 semester credits in residence as a full-time student at a recognized institution of higher learning the United States.

If you have taken the TOEFL by the time that you submit your application, please enter your scores in the Standardized Tests area. If you have not, please indicate the date that you plan to sit for the exam. Please note, TOEFL exam scores must be received by the School of Nursing by the application deadline.

5. Diploma in Nursing

This section is not required by the University of Minnesota.

Supporting Information

There are four sections in the Supporting Information section. Please follow the instructions below for completion.

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1. References

Two (2) references from past or current professors, supervisors or professional colleagues are required. The references should attest to your potential for success in the MN program (including preparation, initiative, and aptitude) and your commitment to the nursing profession.

2. Achievements

This section is optional. We encourage applicants to list all honors and awards on their CV/Resume.

3. Experiences

This section is optional. We encourage applicants to list experiences on their CV/Resume.

4. Licensure and Certifications

Use this section to enter all licensures and certifications. Examples might include LPN licensure or doula certification.

Program Materials

This section directs you to complete program-specific requirements. Please navigate to the University of Minnesota’s program and follow the instructions to complete the Documents, Questions, and Prerequisites sections.

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1. Documents

Application requirements for the University of Minnesota School of Nursing MN program include:

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  2. Personal Statement (Essay Response)

In this section upload two documents. Upload one document that contains your current Curriculum Vitae/Resume. Upload a second document that answers all of the following essay questions.

Please respond to the essay question(s). Prepare your response carefully. This is your opportunity to tell the Admissions Committee about yourself in ways that might not be evident from your academic record.

2. Questions

Please answer all required questions for the University of Minnesota.

3. Prerequisites

For each prerequisite, you have the option to link a course previously entered in the Transcript Entry section or to select a button stating that you choose to not select a course for that prerequisite. Make sure to read through the description of the prerequisite, and select the courses that best matches, even if it is Planned/In Progress. This section is required.