Scholarship Recipient Frequently Asked Questions

How do I thank the donor of the scholarship I received?

In your scholarship email notification, there is a link to a scholarship appreciation form. We kindly ask you to complete that form in its entirety. The responses from this form will be compiled to create an appreciation packet and given to the donors/benefactors.

Is there a scholarship reception? How do I register?

As of now, the School of Nursing Dean's Scholarship Reception is still being determined when and how it will take place. You will receive more information via email once more details for this event have been confirmed.

When will my scholarship disburse/why hasn’t my scholarship disbursed?

Scholarship funds will be posted to your student account at the beginning of each term. If it is past the first week of the term and your scholarship award has not been posted to your account please contact the Office of Student and Career Advancement Services at

Will I receive this same scholarship next year?

Scholarships are awarded annually and it is possible, but not guaranteed, to be awarded the same scholarship for multiple years provided the donor specified eligibility criteria is maintained.

  • BSN students admitted as a first year (freshman) student starting fall 2020 will receiving the same amount each year (pending they are successfully progressing through the program), but the name(s) of the scholarship(s) may change year to year. 
  • DNP students who received a Bentson Scholarship will receive that each year without the need to complete any application. These students must maintain the scholarship eligibility to ensure they continue to receive the scholarship monies.
  • MN students receive their scholarship package at the time of admission. They do not need to complete any scholarship application to secure these funds. Additionally, they will receive the same scholarship each semester they are successfully in the program.
  • BSN transfer students (including BSN students who were Freshmen Guarantee students) and non-Bentson DNP students will need to complete a scholarship each year. The specific scholarship and amount are not guaranteed each year and will be dependent on a students need (via FAFSA), application submission, and the amount of scholarship money available.
  • PhD students are secured funding the first two years of their program. The scholarship may or may not change between the first and second year in the program.

When will the funds be awarded to my account?

Scholarship funds will be posted to your student account at the beginning of each term.  If you accepted financial aid, your financial aid award may be modified once the scholarship funds are posted to your account.