Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn’t I receive a scholarship?

The inability to award funds to a student is not necessarily reflective of any deficiencies in the student's application, academics, or professional promise. In the majority of cases, it is due to the limited amount of funding a student was eligible for, high demand for need based scholarship funds, missing piece in the application process (i.e. no FAFSA information), and large pool of competitive applicants. Most scholarships are provided by donors who establish eligibility criteria for the students they wish to support. Sometimes the criteria limit the number of eligible applicants for a particular award.

What can I do to ensure I receive a scholarship next year?

Completing the FAFSA and the School of Nursing Scholarship Application each year are the two essential components to make sure you have the best opportunity to receive scholarships. The School of Nursing cannot guarantee or ensure a student receives scholarship support.

What are others ways I can fund my degree?

There are many opportunities for external funding outside of the School of Nursing scholarship process. External scholarship opportunities have different criteria, deadlines and processes in which students need to be aware. On the School of Nursing scholarship webpage, there is a listing of various scholarships that students may be eligible for.

I received a scholarship last year and my letter indicated it was renewable, but I didn’t receive it this year. Why?

Students may be awarded the same scholarship for subsequent years provided they meet the donor specified eligibility criteria. The same scholarship may not have been awarded as the student may no longer meet eligibility criteria. For example, some scholarships are designated for newly admitted students and can only be awarded to students during the first year in the School of Nursing.