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Lt. Col. Hortense McKay, BSNE ’49, GN ’33, earns highest accolade from U.S. Congress for service in WWII


Futrell Carter says being a nurse-midwife is what she’s meant to be


Good’s enthusiasm for psych/mental health nursing inspires daughter to earn DNP degree

Ryan Marczynski

Ryan Marczynski returns to the Navy as an officer, with his BSN and a bevy of practical experience

Hmong nursing conference

CTSI grant funds pilot study conducted in partnership with faculty

As the 14th American Indian nurse to earn a PhD, alum Misty Wilkie says representation matters 

As the creator of Primary Nursing, she’s influenced generations of nurse leaders

Oriana Beaudet

In her new role with ANA Enterprise, Oriana Beaudet, DNP ’17, is empowering nurses to transform health care

At Indian Health Service, four nurse-midwifery alumni thrive

Sandy Hagstrom works at the intersection of nursing research and practice