Financial Support

PhD students admitted to the program are eligible for significant financial assistance in their first two years, contingent on their  following the relevant  full-time program plan.  Financial assistance is provided through a 25% graduate research assistant (RA) position and School of Nursing Scholarships.  This package provides payment of tuition and fees up to 14 credits per semester during the academic year as well as a health insurance benefits package.  Additional funding opportunities may be available through an additional RA position or teaching assistant (TA) positions.  

Additional information regarding finances is available at One Stop Student Services.

Types of Financial Awards

Graduate Research Assistant Positions

Graduate research assistant positions are advertised to doctoral students when available.  An RA position will include an hourly stipend, waiver of all or part of tuition, and includes a health insurance benefit package.  Students utilizing the financial assistance package in their first two years will  receive a 25% Graduate RA position.   Students may apply for an additional graduate research assistant appointment as available.   PhD students are eligible to apply for research assistantship opportunities across the University of Minnesota.

Teaching Assistants

Every semester the school supports doctoral students as teaching assistants.  TAs in the School of Nursing serve as instructors in the BSN and MN programs.  A TA position will typically cover a portion of a student's tuition and provide an hourly salary.  PhD students are eligible to apply for assistantship opportunities across the University of Minnesota.  The maximum total appointment between GRAD RA and TA positions is 50%.


Applicants and students are encouraged to apply for fellowships and grants through the University of Minnesota Graduate School.  

Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship is by nomination only and cannot be applied for directly.  Applicants should indicate their interest within the application.

The Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship is by nomination of the PhD candidate’s graduate program.  Interested applicants meeting the established criteria should reach out to the Director of Graduate Studies. Eligibility for this fellowship requires that the nominee has passed their preliminary written and oral exams.

Faculty Loan Repayment Program

The School of Nursing is a recipient of the National Faculty Loan Repayment program and is able to offer this opportunity  to students. The program requires a commitment on the part of the student to being a faculty member in a school of nursing after completing the PhD degree.

External Scholarships

There are a number of funding opportunities external to the School of Nursing and the University.  Doctoral students are encouraged to work with their advisors and mentors to consider and apply for those that may be relevant and/or meet criteria.