Taking a Course Before Admission

Individuals may register for select graduate-level courses at the University of Minnesota for professional development or personal enrichment prior to admission to the School of Nursing.

Eligibility: You must have a completed bachelor’s degree and hold a nursing license to be eligible for enrollment in School of Nursing graduate-level courses.

Non-Degree & Transfer Credit Limits:

  • DNP students may apply up to 12 graduate level credits taken in a non-degree status towards their degree requirements.
  • Post-Master’s DNP option students may apply up to 10 graduate level credits taken prior to the start of the DNP program towards their degree requirements.  This includes coursework from the master’s program and/or non-degree coursework.

Considerations: The decision to enroll in non-degree coursework is individual and is not expected prior to enrollment in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Although not an exhaustive list, the points below are important to consider when deciding what is right for you.

  • In-person attendance requirements will vary by course. If enrolled, you are expected to attend class meetings.
  • Cost per credit varies by the department offering the course. See OneStop Student Services for current tuition rates.
  • Start and end dates for courses vary significantly during the summer term. The class schedule will reflect the start and end dates for the individual course.
  • Financial aid is not typically available for non-degree registration
  • Coursework completed in a non-degree seeking status may or may not be accepted by a graduate program at another institution and are dependent upon the policies of that institution/program.

Registration Instructions

NURS Courses

Available Nursing Courses:

  • NURS 5115 Nursing Informatics and Digital Health Technologies 
  • NURS 6200 Theoretical and Scientific Foundations of Nursing Interventions
  • NURS 7610 Nurses Leading Change and Innovation to Transform Healthcare
  • NURS 7205  Healthcare economics and finance in advanced nursing practice 
  • NURS 7600 Evaluating Evidence to Improve Nursing Practice

Schedule and availability will vary by semester. Sections of courses noted for Master of Nursing students are not eligible for non-degree enrollment.  Requests for non-degree enrollment will not be reviewed for departmental approval until one month prior to the start of the term. Enrollment in courses as a non-degree student is on a space available basis and also at the discretion of the course faculty.

Submitting a Registration Request

  1. Download the Registration Request for Graduate Credit form.
  2. Search for available classes.
  3. Record the five-digit class number (call number), grade basis, units (credits), subject, and catalog number (NURS 5115, for example), and instructor for the class you want to take. 
  4. Contact the course instructor to request a permission number.  Faculty contact information can be found on the School of Nursing website.
  5. Complete, sign, and date the Registration Request for Graduate Credit form. Please note that E-signatures will not be accepted
  6. Send your completed request via email to sonstudentinfo@umn.edu or fax to 612-625-7727 for review by the School of Nursing authorized signer.  Do NOT send your request form directly to the Office of the Registrar. Requests for non-degree enrollment will not be reviewed for departmental approval until one month prior to the start of the term. 
  7. If your request can be accommodated the Authorized Signer will submit your request to the Office of the Registrar for processing.  If your request can not be accommodated you will be contacted via the email noted on your request form.  
  8. The Office of the Registrar will process approved requests according to the open enrollment date for the term.
Non-NURS courses

If you wish to enroll in a graduate level statistics course to meet the Doctor of Nursing Practice program requirement the following courses are recommended:

  • EPSY 5261: Introductory Statistical Methods
  • PUBH 6414: Biostatistical Literacy

To request enrollment in courses other than NURS please follow the instructions provided by OneStop Student Services.